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Lee-Anne Weise
Blogger obsessed with fashion, beauty, travel, technology & social networking
Blogger obsessed with fashion, beauty, travel, technology & social networking

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What’s so good about is Shea Butter?
Shea butter is like a skin superfood that
comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and naturally rich
in vitamins A, E and F. Not only does it offer UV protection (it is SPF ~6)
it provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutr...

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Isn't it time you declutter your wardrobe?
This is something I try to
do on a regular basis but let’s face it it’s not the most exciting of house
hold chores but there are some great benefits to taking on the task. You’ll unveil things you
probably haven’t seen in a while, reveal tops that have been...

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Lee-Anne Weise commented on a post on Blogger.
Winner to be announced soon!!

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nuNAAT Summer Hairstyling Challenge - Product Review
I recently decided to
give my hair a break from protective styling? Which mean it was time to put
some effort in to my fro instead of my normal get up and go but I was ready. Then like a magic
Genie the guys from nuNAAT asked me to sample new Brazilian Pata...

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Fashion Salutes Art Exhibition - Review
Following two successful fashion events
Favotell recently showcased nine international fashion designers and one
artist, during the Fashion Salutes Art exhibition which was held at t The Woolff Gallery
in central London The organizers at Favotell did an ama...

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NutriBuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit - My Results after 14 days
may remember a couple weeks ago I decided to kick start my healthy diet with
Nutribuddy. Well it’s been just over 14 days so I figure I should update you
guys with my results but first let me refresh your memory a little. Nutribuddy
Weight Loss Starter ...

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I Gots The Juice!! - Panasonic Slow Juicer
A sunny Sunday was the perfect
opportunity to be surrounded by loved ones and Juice… I was sent a Panasonic Slow
Juicer from the lovely guys at Come Round to a party at home and really put it
through its paces! If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you w...
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