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Dainis Graveris
Founder & CEO of 1stwebdesigner. Also designer, marketer, social media addict and passionate Internet geek :)
Founder & CEO of 1stwebdesigner. Also designer, marketer, social media addict and passionate Internet geek :)

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Looking at the headline, you might do a double-take and exclaim, “Say what?!?” “Are you kidding?”

JavaScript and CSS are two of the foundations of web development and you can’t simply do without them. We, of course, think so, too. However, learning JavaScript and CSS alone isn’t enough because there are still a lot of technologies, tools, and resources you can learn and utilize to up your game as a web design professional.
And because we here at 1WD want the members of our community to be on top of their games, we created a list of the different languages, libraries, frameworks, databases, and CSS that could help you become a better web designer.

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In recent years, WordPress responsive themes have gained a lot of fans and users. Thanks to the influx of tablets, smartphones, Kindle, and other devices. Because of their popularity, it comes as no surprise to see the number of responsive themes, both free and premium, explode. Although it sounds good news to a web designer, the vast number of options to choose from can be quite a headache since you don’t know which works best for you.

#wordpressthemes #wordpress #responsivewebdesign  

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Dainis Graveris hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>James Richman

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Pinterest intro guide - my first training video ever! Please tell me if that's something valuable for you, worth doing..or I should burn this video virtually? :D

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Kicking ass in UG8 by Yanik Silver!

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Love this guy!!!!

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join us to 1stwebdesigner on g+!!!

Hey is there any buzz in my circles at all? If no, will change that fast, but please respond who hang out here!

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Landing Pages Guide 101

I am by no matter an expert in landing page creation, but I am doing a lot of research on this topic in order to become more experienced myself and I invite you to join me in this journey.

In this article you will be taken through each important step in order to create a successful, landing page that converts visitors into customers, I will share the biggest takeaways here and point you to the right articles and tools – let’s call it Landing Pages 101, Science Of Landing Pages, Anatomy of Converting Landing page, whichever you prefer most.

#landingpage #guide #abtesting #copywriting
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