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Reuben Gray (TaleOfAle)
I'm a beer writer and blogger as well as Amateur beer brewer. Chairman of, Ireland's Beer consumer group, similar to CAMRA (UK). Professionally I am an IT engineer.
I'm a beer writer and blogger as well as Amateur beer brewer. Chairman of, Ireland's Beer consumer group, similar to CAMRA (UK). Professionally I am an IT engineer.

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Tojo the Monkey Visits Clonakilty
I was sent a sample pack of Clonakilty brews to try by the brewery. I was looking forward to it since Pauline is from West Cork so next time we head down that direction, I'll have to visit the brewery. When I received the pack I saw one of the beers had a p...

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Cloudwater IPA - Vic Secret Wai-Iti & Tempest Brewing Red Eye Flight
On Saturday, I was judging at the first leg of the National Homebrew Club national competition in Sallins at the wonderful Lock 13 pub. Actually, almost a brewpub because the brewery is there and being put together at the moment. I was judging Specialty IPA...

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Is Ratebeer Dying? Seems so in Ireland
I have to admit, I don't rate beers on any platform. When I started writing about beer over 8 years ago, it was either Ratebeer  or Beeradvocate that people used for rating beer. There weren't even any phone apps to speak of though I vaguely recall some 3rd...

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Brown Beer - #TheSession 120
This 120th Session is hosted by Joe over at  The Fatal Glass of Beer . He wants us to write about brown beer which gives us a very broad license.  Last weekend, I was running the Beoir Cask Competition at the Franciscan Well: Cask Ales and Experimental Brew...

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Good Beer for Dummies
Sorry, I couldn't resist. The labelling on this 12 Acres Golden Harvest pale ale reminds me of the For Dummies range of books. Thankfully, the idea of a For Dummies book is to educate people and that's precisely what Golden Harvest should do. First, it lets...

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Lough Gill Brewing - Having a go
Just before Christmas, I received a sample box from James at Lough Gill Brewing . Some of you might know that James founded The White Hag a few years ago and then later sold his share to his business partners which I imagine helped him set up his new ventur...

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Another Year Begins - West Cork Brewing
It was a long Christmas break made all the longer due to the fact that I caught a bug on New Year's eve. I'm pretty sure I even know how, I blew on a random party horn at the bar. Clearly the owner was diseased because the next morning, my throat was scratc...

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Golden Pints Awards 2016
It's that time of the year again, where has the year gone? The Golden Pints Awards are where beer bloggers just heap praise on some of their favourites throughout the year. The following are my own personal opinion but often it's an opinion shared by many o...

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The Fearless
During the Beoir  Christmas party on Saturday, I had a couple of bottles of the latest 8 Degrees beer. The Fearless is a member of their  Dukes of Burgundy range for the winter months. It's a 6.4% Farmhouse Ale, aged in Burgundy Chardonnay oak barrels. It's...

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This Session Will be the Death of us - #TheSession 118
This Christmas session is brought to us by none other than Stan Hieronymus himself , co-creator of The Session 9 years ago. The topic this month is: If you could invite four people dead or alive to a beer dinner who would they be? What four beers would you ...
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