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Vonn made it onto this Podcast. Her question is the title feature! Super proud scientist dad moment.

Come on Copper, you're KILLING ME!  Prices keep going down.  Is anyone hoarding until it bounces back?

It's nice that this forum has become an A&R Metal Recycling advertising page.

Is anyone shipping their e-waste off to buyers?  I don't have a local yard that will take circuit boards or other general e-waste for  anything more than shred.

I'm going to try it for the first time and I'm curious if others have had any success.

My major question at this point is shipping cost.  I know there is a weight (70 lbs, i think) and a box dimension (I'm not sure what that is) that increases shipping costs dramatically.  I want to make sure that I am below those numbers when I send stuff out.

Any insight would be helpful. 

I'll be sure to post the results when I have them.

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Rehabing my kitchen means the old appliances go to the scrap yard.  Pretty small load but $62.28 in cash is nice.
Steel: 0.08/lbs
Insulated Communication Wire: 0.90/lbs
Stainless Steel: 0.45/lbs

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This was my load from three weeks ago (5/24/14) in the Baltimore, MD area (and my little scrap pup).
Prices (per pound):
Steel - 0.08
Insulated wire - 0.85
BX Steel wire - 0.20
Insulated Al - 0.20
Al Cans - 0.50
Sheet Al - 0.40
Electric Motors - 0.15
Brass w/steel - 0.10
Dirty Brass - 1.25
#2 Copper - 2.50
Stainless Steel - 0.45
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Borrowed a truck and took a load in this weekend (big for me because I'm a small time, part timer without a truck).  500 lbs of steel, 40 lbs of stripped #2, 119 lbs of #2 insulated, and a bit of aluminum and copper piping.  It was a long time accumulating this for me but it was a good payday.  Now I have more room for more junk!
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Made a new contact today.  Answered a craigslist ad for a free computer monitor at a business.  Told them I take all sorts of e-waste if the had some stuff to get rid of.  They told me they were going to throw out a fax machine and I could have that too.  When I went to pick it up, an extra keyboard came too and they asked me for my phone number because there were 3 desktops and a server they were looking to get rid of soon once the data was wiped.

Since I'm a small time, part timer scrapping out of a Hyundai Elantra this was a pretty good deal for me.

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Found this guy a few months ago.  It weighed about 40 lbs.  It was broken, so I took it apart.  A bunch of wire, aluminum and steel

I got a talking too from my wife this weekend for my out of control scrap piles.  Does anyone hold onto certain metals or do you just dump them as soon as you get them?  I might be a scrap hoarder.
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