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Remember, live better.
Remember, live better.


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Hi guys, I know you all are fans of podcasts so I thought I would share that my wife and I just launched our very first podcast. If you are in to traveling you might want to give it a listen.
I've been hearing Rob say for years and years that a podcast was the way to go, and finally we took the plunge. Big thanks to +Rob Walch for his free iBook and the Libsyn promo code which were a big help getting started.

Hi guys, so I have an old 4s, I bought it used a long time ago and used it as an iPod Touch without service for years. Now I would like to let my father use it, but it is locked to Verizon, how would I go about getting it unlocked? The information I found online seems to assume that the phone you are trying to unlock currently has a carrier plan, and this one hasn’t since before I got it.
Thanks much.

Is there a way to see only downloaded episodes in the podcast app?

I'm wiping an old iPhone to sell, I followed all the steps on Apples preparing to sell your phone page (basically signing out of iCloud and wiping all data). Is there anything else I should do to make sure it is clean?

After waiting a week for the Apple Store to get my 6s battery in I was able to get it replaced. It took about an hour and everything went fine. Now to see if it really fixes it or if there is still a software issue…
Also played Mario at the Apple Store. Very fun.

Hey friends, the Command Shift A shortcut on mac to add a todoist task no longer works. This is seriously impacting my capture step. Anyone know why this has happened? Searching the internet didn't help :(

Running 10.1.1 on iPhone 6s with T-Mobile. A few times a day my phone will say no service and I have to restart it to get service back.
Also sometime when my phone is getting low on batter but before I get the option to use battler saver the phone will turn off and say it needs to be plugged in. Then when I plug it in it will say it has just as much battery as it had before (usually around 30%).
Any help would be really appreciated.

Strange thing happened: my phone said no service. After a restart still no service, so I reset network settings. Service came back on, but wifi did not although in the past my phone has pulled all the wifi information from iCloud. I though maybe connecting to my home network would make it get the rest of the networks that I use information, not such luck.
Then I find out that my iPad mini, MacBook Pro, and iMac have all lost their networks as well, they don't remember any.
Is my iPhone somehow a controlling device for iCloud so that when I reset network settings it reset it for all my devices? I have never had something like this happen before.

Hi friends it's been a long time since I've posted, but I need your help. I'm trying to help the director at my work use outlook tasks and have a couple problems.
1. Tasks don't disappear once marked completed. This is true even when current view is set to active. Some of the tasks appear in blue text and I don't know if that has something to do with it.

2. I didn't realize the mobile app did not have task functionality. What do those of you using outlook tasks use to manage tasks on your phone? He was trying to use apple's reminders but they are not syncing correctly.

Any help would be much appreciated.

So we did make the switch to T-mobile yesterday. They let us "trade in" old dumb phones and buy new dumb phones ($30 each), then use the SIM cards in our iPhones. The issue now is that I cannot log in to the old Verizon account so I don't know how I will get a picture of our bill with the Early Termination Fees on it so I can get the reimbursement from T-mobile. Anyone have this happen when they switched?
Thanks for all of your help on this.
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