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Making it official!
To my lovely readers out there, who have waited too long and probably mostly know what I am going to say! Nevertheless, I wanted to make it official and take the opportunity to thank you for your time, your comments, your patience .  As you probably suspect...

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The month of many!
There has just been so much going on this month, I have to share a short snapshot of at least the last week:  in addition to Masch starting to stand and pull himself up on everything, it seems that Misch is now starting to understand not only that Mommy and...

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Double-whammy part II, or
The verdict is in: parenthood has addles my brain.  While I used to blame 'juvenile Alzheimer' for my occasional forgetfulness, my brain has definitely abandoned me now , losing all capability of retaining much of anything at this point.  Including writing ...

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MyMischMasch im Doppelpack / 2-for-the-price-of-one MyMischMasch
Happy New Year to all you wonderful MischMaschers out there!  May 2016 bring you all the things you wish for, and more, but, most importantly, health and happiness!  As a special start to this year there is a MyMischMasch double-whammy for you, two-for-the-...

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Engineer at work.... let's start this thing!
I am woefully behind my intentions to post, so let's get this baby started. Enjoy!  Misch has reached the combat-crawling stage and speed at which Hubby
and I have been forced to progress
to t he
next stage of baby proofing. Stage one, the electrical plug p...

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Why have rules, if not to break them? Pixum Charity "Laufend Gutes tun" for childrens' hospice
In the tried-and-tested Austrian manner of 'why have rules if you can't break them' I am hereby throwing caution to the wind:  this will not be a draft section from the work on my book, but a short report of a very worthy cause that I just could not pass up...

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Back from the dry period!
Hello again and welcome back to all the lovely MischMaschers out there! It has been a loooooooonnnnnng time!  Somehow having two kids under the age of two at home takes it out of you.....  Today is literally the first day I have been able to sit down in fro...

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posting plan
exclusive report - rabenmutter existiert nur in deutschland, deutsche mütter müssen perfekt sein - germans bashing themselves add about therapy and no becoming a kinderschänder - ich will kein täter werden. kein-tä (nobody can help their sexuel...

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MyMischMasch Second Hand Market Review 2014-15 / MyMischMasch Flohmarkt Revue 2014-15
Having collected some experience over the last couple of years, here is here is my personal review for all of you fellow fans of second hand markets for childrens' items:  Our most important finding from the last 12 months: avoid the huge markets , in parti...

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Family ties
. .... or: my week of collisions, of the bodies and the minds.  As you can tell by my indecisive titling, it's been an interesting one! With my arms stretching around my every-growing stomach, I am doing my best to reach the keyboard  and get this article o...
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