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here comes skip...
here comes skip...

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Skip is starting to get all excited and fidgety. Yes, he's starting to do that little wriggly fish dance that says "Skip is coming out to play!"

+skipthefish is on the lookout for Beta fish (yes, we deliberately spelled that differently!).

We've finally got phase 1 of the site ready for Beta testers and since we do everything in a fish tank...that would make them Beta fish! It's just a nice bonus that being a Beta fish also makes you the coolest looking fish in the tank!! 8D

Right now you can go to and sign up to create your own school in the fish tank...start sharing your favorite restaurants by uploading a menu pic, adding comments & photos and sharing your personal tips on the best or least inspiring dishes on the menu.

Earn fish flakes for everything you share on +skipthefish and you'll soon be one of the biggest fish in the tank!

Follow Skip to keep up to date on the newest additions & hottest menu tips on the site, follow restaurants or other members for new tips, restaurants & menus.

Add menus wherever you go...whether you're stopping in at your local snack stop for the red velvet cupcake of the century; trying out the new kid-friendly barbeque steakhouse in your neighborhood; or tucking into the four course a la carte on your business trip to London, Skip wants to know!

Restaurants and eateries are automatically a part of the fun too! Every time a member adds a new restaurant by uploading a picture of the menu with their tips on the best dishes a school is created for that restaurant. This school is the official profile page and the restaurant can claim their school and start sharing news with followers in their school. 8D

It's all new, it's in Beta. So swim on over, become a Beta fish so you can meet Skip & the rest of the fish tank, then start sharing menus & make some fishie friends!
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Hi, skip here...just taking a break from the school.

Have you figured out what I'm up to yet?
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