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Business, Social Media, Technology and more – Appitive - Your Daily Appetizer

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Starting your own business is surely not an easy task, but with the right guidance and hand-holding you would work wonders. Franchise model of business provides you the hand-holding and guidance but sometimes it takes away the charm of innovating a winning business idea.


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We may accuse each other of exaggerating when we say our jobs are killing us, but it might not be that much of an exaggeration. Dozens of studies over the years have linked job stress to increased incidences of disease and death. Discover who is most at risk, what causes workplace stress, what the likely consequences are and how both employers and employees can reduse the problem.

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I believe it was Ben Franklin who stated that there are only two things in life that are certain. These two things are Death & Taxes.

Even in science there is no certainty. This was best expressed by the late American physicist Dr. Richard Feynman who said, “If you think that science is certain–well that’s just an error on your part.” What is true with science is also true with business & economic systems. There is no certainty. All movement in the business of life is turbulent and, therefore, unpredictable. There is no Grand Plan.

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GoDaddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons has 16 rules for success in business and life in general. If he sells GoDaddy to private equity firms for $2 billion, that’ll make him a billionaire or close to it.

Does that give his "business rules" more weight? Maybe.

On the other hand, the guy made a creepy videotape of himself killing an elephant and hungry villagers ripping the flesh off it while wearing GoDaddy hats.

Does that mean you shouldn’t learn from him? Who knows?

What I do know is the guy’s got a big success under his belt and that’s worth something. Personally, I would learn as much as you can from accomplished executives and follow the advice that resonates with you.

Speaking of which, here are my Rules For Business Success. If you like them, that’s great. If not, try the billionaire elephant guy. Whatever works, it’s okay with me.

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There are different ways to deal with skill weaknesses in the working world. It is fairly easy (and common) for a leader who struggles with organization to rely on someone else to keep their schedules and times in line. However, even with this extra help, some skill sets just fit better with certain industries. Many leaders end up in specific industries naturally because of their strongest skills. Those who are unhappy with their business might want to consider moving to a different industry that is more oriented to their strengths

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If you use the modern definition of economics, i.e., “the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of commodities”, then you would have a valid point. But, by using the classical definition of economics —- “the study of human behavior in its historical setting” —- the article fits this definition. In addition, an understanding of the classic definition yields the interesting result that psychology is a branch of economics.

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“Most people aim at nothing in life . . . and hit it with amazing accuracy.”

People who have no goals feel emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, and professionally unbalanced. This can only cause anxiety. People who have goals are respected by their peers; they are taken seriously. Making decisions that affect the direction of your life positively is a sign of strength. Goals create drive and positively affect your personality.

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Self-belief can make the difference between success and failure, but losing it is easy in challenging and highly-visible positions. Resiliency in leaders comes with confidence in their ability to achieve goals and overcome obstacles, along with the humility to take negative feedback as an opportunity to learn. Although they will have doubts at times, their confidence encourages them to cultivate the skills of mental toughness, like setting stretch goals, taking risks, and making decisions

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The Youth Anthem ‘Kolavari Di’ is going places, how could Harvinder Singh be left out…. grrr if you still don’t know who Harvinder Singh is! Remember the a small-time transporter (yes, the aaam janta) from northwest Delhi landed a slap on Sharad Pawar’s face while venting anger at corruption.

Sung and penned by Tamil movie star Dhanush, our Harvinder Singh has shared a new version, the corruption mix of Kolavari Di. Now the idea is simple, the youth who are together for the fight against corruption should ensure that there are a million hits to the song (ofcource the Kolavari Di, Corruption Re-Mix).

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Pressure can motivate leaders to achieve great things, or it can debilitate them with stress. Although stress is unavoidable, real leaders must keep it from inhibiting them by identifying the underlying sources of pressure, recognizing when they cause stress, and then developing ways to control that stress.Identifying stressors requires looking at the sources of pressure–small and major; internal and external. In large part, stressors are the result of who you are: attitudes, experiences, personality, preferences, and values all influence the way people react to stress.
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