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Landscape for Ensparkalation Nation - a Co-Creative World of Love, Community, Abundance, and Pleasure, where ALL Beings are Sacred

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Ceiba (Kapok) Love
I was recently with a group in Vieques spending time with the Plants, Dynoflagellates (bioluminescent Bay), and Water and of course making Essences.
We spent Saturday morning with this lovely Tree. Ceiba is considered the Tree of Life. Ki welcomes all, holds you, and keeps you safe. Ceiba has many healing gifts. I think we all could use some time with Ceiba! 💖
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Happy Brigid's Day/Imbolc!
Today is the day when the seeds begin to stir underground.
What is stirring in you?
It is time to plant our Dreams?
What are you planting?
Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of Healing.
She is the Goddess of Peace and Unity.
She is the Goddess of the Sacred Well and the Eternal Flame.
She is the Protective Goddess of Force. Protecting her children and Home.
Known for her enormous concern for the development of Human Potential. Brigid knows that we are capable of being more than we currently are, and can help us find our True Essential Nature.
With all that is going on in our country, our world today, I think this is a great time to honor and remember Brigid.
Light a candle, Pray to the Water, Speak your Dreams to the Seeds, Sing from the Heart, Dance from your Soul for today is Brigid's Day
May Brigid's Flame illuminate our Soul's path and ignite our Heart's fire.
May Brigid's Well quench our thirst, soothe our body, and reflect our Heart's desires.
May Brigid's Mantle wrap around us and all those who are weary, reminding us that we are Love(d), keeping us safe and warm.
And may Brigid's Song awaken our consciousness and remind us of our true kinship.
May Love, Peace, and Compassion guide us today and every day.
Blessed Be!

"In every moment of your life, in every situation in your life, in every confrontation in your life, in the face of every fear in your life, with every person in your life, with every tiny aspect in your life, with the self of your life...always, always, always...choose Love.

Love is not something you have, or can intellectualise. Love is the living, creative energy of the Being you are. You are Love and Light. But you have to consciously live that Love.

Choose Love. Live Love. Be Love., absolute, unconditional LOVE."

~ Michael J. Roads

YES!!! This exactly!! Choosing Love may seem simply or airy fairy; however, it is not. It is a conscious choice, that can be difficult to do. Choosing Love is how our soul's grow and how we heal and heal our world. And if you do not choose Love for a situation or respond with anger or fear, no worries, learn the lesson, for you will surely have another chance to choose Love.


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HEARTransformation Apprenticeship 2017

Are you yearning to:
Embrace your fullness?
Know who you really are and why you are here?
Hear the wisdom and guidance that surrounds you?
Remember your connection to All?
Experience true healing at the Source?
Be a conduit of Healing and Love for others, including our Earth?

This apprenticeship is designed to help humans align with the intelligence of Nature and work with these energies to bring about healing at a core level—for oneself, one’s clients, the Earth, and more. The Plants provide the foundation for this course as we let our hearts guide us in following this ancient and modern path of connecting deeply with the Sacred in All. Based on Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship, this course is designed for those who wish to become HEARTransformation practitioners or who want to incorporate this into an existing practice. The skills learned and wisdom gained can be applied to many areas of one’s life and adapted to work with any situation or environment.

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I'm sharing this video as there have been a huge amount of heroin overdoses in my community lately.

I think it is important that we start shifting our understanding and view of addiction. As well as, acknowledging the HUGE amount of addiction that exists in our culture. Addiction is addiction, it doesn't matter if it is an illegal substance or not. It is a way to numb the pain and/or to help you feel good.

However, the true issue is that you don't feel good without a substance.

I appreciate this video and I think there's more that it is missing. I consider addiction to be a spiritual disease (nothing to do with religion). We are disconnected from Nature, other people, our selves. This hurts the Spirit. Then we add traumas and soul loss and we become walking shells, which become really great hosts for possessing entities. These entities often feed off the addiction and create more. There's a reason alcohol is called spirits.
Fortunately, we can clear these entities and traumas, bring back missing Soul parts, and feed the Soul helping ki take up full residence again.

If we want to stop addiction, we need to understand that the addicts are a symptom not the problem. The problem is our culture is sick.

Of course, Nature is waiting for us, willing to help!
If you want to know more about possession, I recommend reading the book "The Unquiet Dead" by Dr. Edith Fiore. Know the process I do is different than what she does; however, she explains possession so well.

"...our relationship with ourself is our most important and vital relationship of all. It is the basic relationship that determines our relationship with God, with our lives, our relationship with other people, our relationship with our bodies and health, and our relationship with abundance."

~ Michael J. Roads

It is interesting to go through my old newsletters as I move them onto my blog.

I found this newsletter about Flower Essences to help with anxiety, stress, and navigating changes:…/

I think it is fitting for our current times. What intrigued me is that I wrote this in early 2012. I referred to 2012 as The Year of Change. And it was for me. However, I think that was just the beginning. I think we are being asked to deal with more and more change every day. Ultimately, this is a good thing because change helps our soul growth; however, it can be overwhelming. It's good to know that our evolutionary predecessors the Plants are always there willing to help us!

"...the only certainty is Love. The only firm and stable ground is Love. The only place to be is Love. The only springboard is Love. Love - not emotional love - unconditional Love. Absolute Love. Divine Love. Love is an earthquake to every probability that could exist. Love shatters all probabilities, creating the certainty of Love.

...The greater number of people who are Loving and in-their-hearts, the more optimistic the future scenario will be for everybody."

~ Michael J. Roads, Through the Eyes of Love: Book Three

To sum it up: LOVE and Be Love!
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