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Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
Almost to the top of Mt. Washington! We came through the tree line and the clouds and came out into the sun! Beginning to enter the end of the cog railway line at the top of the mountain.  This is one sturdy building to stand up to winds in excess of 200 mp...

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Mt. Washington Cog Railway tracks
Starting to head up the mountain we made sure we were on the correct tracks. The further up the mountain we chugged the more foreboding it became. Each of the railroad ties are numbered going up and down the mountain.  With each cog and chug someone inspect...

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Mt. Washington Railway
It appeared to us below that the railway way reaching to the top. Once we were in our railway car we realized that this wasn't even the beginning of the ascent! You could almost draw a line where the frost began. The chugging begins. While waiting for you t...

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Mt. Washington Cog Railroad Base Station
Starting at 2700 ft is just the beginning of adventure at the Mt. Washington Cog Railroad Station. The beginning of the climb. The ole steam engine is the worker bee! Look closely at for the cogs that gives the mountain its name! The cogs keep the trains sa...

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Kennedy Compound and St. Andrews Hyannis Port, MA
St. Andrew Episcopal Church Sitting on a grassy hill the views out over the ocean is astounding! St. Andrews looks out over the Kennedy compound along the ocean front. You can see most of the Kennedy Summer homes from out on the ocean.   The three dormer ho...

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Super Moon 2016
I was ready for the super moon of 2016 last evening.  Camera settings checked and tripod set up. I got a few lovely shots as the moon was first rising then as its color faded I got a few more shots.  When I was ready to go to work this morning I stepped out...

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Mt. Washington Hotel ~ A day inside
A cozy day inside the Mt. Washington  From the ceiling to the floor artwork provides a place for your eyes to gaze. A grand piano always catches my eye ~ and a Steinway to boot! Each door has old world character! A relaxing pseudo outdoor spot where you can...

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Mt. Washington Hotel ~ Bretton Woods
My first thoughts on viewing the Mt. Washington Hotel? ~That porch is my destination!~ Before you enter the premises of Mt. Washington you're in awe by the building itself let alone the astounding mountains surrounding the area. That Porch! Sit back and rel...

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Lost River Gorge, New Hampshire
Through the pines on the trail at Lost River Gorge you can peer out to the New Hampshire mountains that roll in every direction possible! My turn to squeeze through the boulders! Sometimes you go up - up - up and then sometimes you go waaaaay down! If you c...

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Vermont by-ways
Although tucked away in a little holler the ole barn and silo was being framed by brilliant color! The bicycle barn? Not sure of the reason for the yellow bicycle but between it and the unreal colors it catches your attention! Who can resist a little white ...
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