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Bringing the Power of New Media to Everyone!

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Roland GO:MIXER for iPhone/iPad via Bless This Stuff

This could be an excellent addition to your New Media audio kit, whether for music or podcasting. Record direct to iPhone or iPad. — Douglas

#newmedia #audio #gear #hardware #podcasting

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New-generation animators via Monocle Magazine

With the success of Pixar came an avalanche of computer-generated animation but not all animators are following the hi-tech pack. Monocle Films travels to the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and southern England in search of storytellers who think outside the computer box.

#animation #newmedia #movies #filmmaking

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Record Your Project With a “Catapult Tripod” via Hackster’s Blog

With more and more of us doing live streaming and YouTube videos — along with tech projects and other close-up video work — this little DIY “tripod” could be a great item for your toolkit. I know it would come in really handy for me when I am doing an Arduino or Raspberry Pi video and trying to show people how to cook up jumpers to the — for me — tiny IO pins on these boards. Heck, I practically need a magnifying glass when I do it, so anything I can do to help them see it more clearly would be a great benefit, Of course, it doesn’t just have to be tech videos. This would be great for painting demos, craft projects and any other small thing that you are trying to demo. — Douglas

#newmedia #podcasting #technology #video

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Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert [Book]

I first saw mention of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear in some magazine I was reading. There were several writing and creativity books mentioned and I quickly requested those I hadn’t previously read from my local library. What I hadn’t noticed, until I started reading the book was that it was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love. This often happens to me. I don’t recognize famous people out in public or important people in a company or government. It is just not something I am attuned to. In this case, I might not even have started to the read the book had I known more about the author. Sometimes coming to a new resource “cold” allow you to take in important lessons without any preconceptions.

Read more at:

#creativity #creative #book #reading

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On YouTube: Phone on a gimbal? Mobile filmmaking feat. Smooth Q from Fenchel & Janisch

I have been looking at one of these gimbals for a long time, but haven’t found one that I really NEED. This Smooth q at only $139 could be a possibility, though. Watch below for a complete review with all the pros and cons. — Douglas

#iPhone #hardware #camera

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Minijam Studio Is a Set of Pocket-Sized Electronic Instruments via Hackster’s Blog

Ok, this is just cool. (SMILE) Another way of making music for all your New Media projects and whatever else us happening in your life. Portable, too! I don’t normally link to Kickstart projects, as they often don’t come to fruition, but this was a cool enough idea, it made the cut to be included here. — Douglas

#music #technology #kickstarter

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Moodelizer helps add epic soundtracks to your video efforts via TechCrunch

When it comes to video, the audio is pretty damn important. Hell, they even give out some sort of award for getting it right on occasion. Moodelizer wants to put the power of suitable soundtracks in the hands of amateur filmmakers, by letting you add a delightfully over-the-top soundtrack to the most mundane of tasks at the touch of a button.

#newmedia #podcasting #music #app #ios

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On YouTube: Meaning Behind Camera Movement

How you move your camera colors and changes the meaning and emotion of the scene. Are you doing it on purpose or giving your audience accidental misdirection to how they should feel. — Douglas

#newmedia #film #tip #production #cinematography
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