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My review of the Sony HX9V camera is now posted at
A review of the Sony HX9V compact camera by Thom Hogan
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I'd certainly like to hear your opinion on the Olympus E-P3, Thom. Is that one on your review queue?
Not to hijack, but what I'd really love to see is your hands-on of the X100. I followed your initial impressions very closely and would love to hear something in-depth. :-D Every single compact review I see just puts me to sleep instantly. Not your fault, I just hate compacts.
Slip: "220Hz" should read "50Hz" or "PAL" or, maybe, "220-240v" (but of those things, voltage obviously is the least relevant).
+Tonio Loewald Agreed. I think "PAL" would be the right word choice. I don't think that the 50Hz region of Japan would have different cameras to the 60Hz region (although it's all 110V). Although apparently when you buy a TV there you get asked where you live so they sell you the appropriate model!
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