Today I'm happy to announce that I've taken the first step in redoing this Web site. Wait, nothing seems to have changed!

Yes, it has. Beginning today, you're going to find that just became two Web sites (and those of you paying close attention to the new site will notice that there will be further bifurcation shortly). The new Web site is, and that's now the home of all current and future news, commentary, reviews, and information I write about small system cameras. That includes the Nikon 1, the Olympus Pens, the Panasonic G's, the Samsung NXes, the Sony NEXes, and a number of other small systems cameras. For the time being, the site is headed "byThom sans Mirror" so that you know it's still me, but eventually this will just be "sans Mirror."

One of the issues I found when trying to revise the site is that it was sprawling, and rapidly. We're talking about hundreds of long-form articles and thousands of short-form ones. My interests in photography and high tech are wide and deep. Yours probably aren't. Moreover, your requests for even more articles and information from me dot a horizon from one end of tech to the other. Thus, more and more, people were having to wade through a lot of things they weren't interested in to find what they were.

Beyond that, everything needed at least a Web 2.0 makeover, if not Web 3.0. You'll note that has RSS, social sharing, separate formatting from content, and a host of other modern features, which many of you have been asking for. Despite what it's actually produced in (Sandvox), the site content actually lives in a database, which makes it easier to maintain and expand.

If you're interested in compact systems cameras that aren't DSLRs, you'll want to check out thoroughly and keep coming back to it, as it's now a live site that gets as much of my attention as If you're not interested in such cameras, you can just ignore the site (though I'd strongly suggest you take a look--there's more going on with these cameras than you might think, and most DSLR users are going to want a competent compact system if they don't already have one.)

For the time being, I'm keeping the reviews and articles that have already appeared about mirrorless systems on intact; I've removed nothing from the site at the moment. But as I continue working on my Internet presence, these will eventually go away so that this site has a more clear focus.

So what else is in store? Obviously, a lot. I'll be rolling site changes out in manageable pieces for the foreseeable future. There's an awful lot left to do. As I finish a new piece, I'll announce it here. One thing you'll note with is that there is new material there. Lots of it. Yes, I've been collecting and writing tons of new material for my entire Web presence, including this one. However, rather than rolling that into the now tired bones of, I've been keeping it for the rollout of the new sites and the complete re-do of this one.

To be clear, will be where all news, reviews, commentary, and information about the Nikon 1, Olympus and Panasonic m4/3, Sony NEX, and a host of other small interchangeable lens cameras (Samsung NX, Ricoh GXR, Pentax Q, etc.) will be found in the future. You won't find those articles cluttering up in the future.

I'll have additional announcements soon. Trust me, it should all make more sense when I've made the full set of changes to my Internet presence. You'll be able to drink from the fire hose (everything I write), or find the drinking fountain with the water you prefer (individual sites).

One thing that all this Internet rethink does allow is for me to consider adding other voices and contributors. Your continued support will help me do that, so please don't forget those Support this Site links.
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