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Complete Guide to the Nikon 1 is Here!

My Complete Guide to the Nikon 1 is now available at US$19.99, 500+ pages.

Slightly different arrangement with this book: it's immediate download via license agreement, not physical product (CD) sale as previous Complete Guides.
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I think this is going to be a popular title for you, +Thom Hogan. Given the quality of you prior work, it will help many to get the most out of these innovative little cameras.
There is an "unboxing" video on YouTube for the D800. Guess what -- no manual. (Just a CD apparently.) This means that your guides will be potentially even more valuable than before. Still, I wish that a printed "book" version of the manual were available that I could throw into my backpack.

Any chance that there is a printer that would print your guide/s in a small compact format at a reasonable cost?
+Art Pollard Thom needs to contract a premedia specialist to design-port his publishing needs to iPad / Tablet devices. Thom will you be attending photoshop world in Vegas this fall ? 
I think you're taking a slightly bigger risk here by covering the "series" with a single guide. The most likely scenario is that Nikon won't hold more than three current models in the '1' line at any given point in time, but with four or five current models your guide might start getting too complicated and/or convoluted.

Just sayin'.
Although I have been using the V1 for a couple of months now and am pretty competent with it, I ordered Thom's book as soon as I saw that it was available. As in his other books, it is full of useful information.

I like this idea of a immediate download and I hope that it proves successful for Thom so that we can look forward to the D4 and D800 Guides coming in the same immediate download format. It is especially great for people like me who live outside the US and can save not only on postage but also in being able to get it "immediately".
+Sreedharan Gopalsamy The download on the Nikon 1 book is a test. So far it's increased my tech support load immensely. Turns out people don't know how iPads handle PDFs and how you should get them there. I'm still working out how to refine what I'm likely to do in the future.
+Chris Ross You're almost hijacking the thread ;~) I don't give ETAs on my work, as I have no idea when I'll finish them. I don't put out anything without thinking about it for a long time, testing in the field, and making it the best I can do. Don't expect a D800 book too rapidly after the camera comes out: we used to call those type of books "filler." There's only one way to do a book right, and that takes time, testing, feedback, organization, attention to detail, and more.
The Nikon 1 guide is very good. It helped clear up many things for me coming from my Nikon DSLRs which do handle differently. And it certainly fills in the missing details from the Nikon 1 manuals, which are dumbed down to the point of being irrelevant.

One thing, however, is still no clear relating to the use of Vibration Reduction. If I am using a VR F mount lens such as 70-200 VRII, do I have to set the lens to have VR on, and the V1 body set to VR on? Or is is enough to have at least one of those on to get VR activated?
+Alan Dunne Yeah, I need to flesh out the FT1 bits more, and make sure they're cross referenced in the right places.

Vibration Reduction is always set on the lens when using an FT1, and it is always on if the lens switch is set to on (to stabilize viewfinder).
Thanks. I was hoping this would be the answer as it is much quicker to change this at the lens than going into the menu system.
Is there any hope that the DSRL guides might be available via upload in the future too?
+Anu Wintschalek Probably. But be careful what you wish for. A download isn't the same as a physical object. A download is licensed product, a physical object is sold product. There is a tangible and real difference between those two things.

Note also that the Nikon V1 book is just a V1 book download. No extra goodies like I do with the CDs.

Finally, curiously the whole download thing on the V1 has increased my support load, and very significantly. It turns out that iPad users have no idea where downloads actually go when they're not made within an app that handles them in a proprietary manner. So, until I solve that problem, I'm going to go slow on this.
Thank You for Your answer! The shipping fee to Europe increases the price of the regular set noticeably, at least for me. I would love to know what You say but without a professional need (and as a full-time mother of 3) I have to calculate how much expenses I can justify for just a hobby. I'm usually able to achieve what I want with my D7000 but there's always more to know, of course. Greetings from Austria!
(I've been reading Your Nikon blog over a year regularly now, thanks for sharing!)
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