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My review of the Olympus E-P3 is now posted at--wait for it--my new Web site:
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I read your review as soon as you posted it, and have just re-read, and there is one thing that is noticeable for it's absence: any mention of the EVF as shown in the little photo you posted here. Do you make use of the EVF with your Pen's, or do you just stick with the using the rear LCD?
+Ron Zack I'll eventually get around to reviewing accessories.

I carry the EVF with me, but I find it a little on the coarse side. It also has clear display lag. That, coupled with having something hanging far off the top of the camera make it less than ideal. The camera becomes less jacket-pocket, which is how I tend to use it. Personally, I try not to wear sunglasses when shooting, so I have less of a problem seeing LCDs in bright light than some do. Finally, the Nikon V1's 1.44m dot EVF seems to be better quality than the Olympus 1.44m dot EVF.
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