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Holding Down the Fort for You
Holding Down the Fort for You

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Actually, I DO NOT recommend Bitdefender. I am currently disputing charges on my card, and have had to cancel my card to prevent any future charges. Emails from Avangate (a company associated with Bitdefender as a 're-seller'), state that my 'initial purchase' authorized automatic renewals. But after 2-3 years, and a discontinuance of their product due to software conflicts with our business computers, we were caught off guard with the charges. Also, on my on line Bitdefender account, I cannot cancel my service, or cancel or alter my credit card information, so it's as if I am conscripted for life to this product.  So far, no resolution to the charge on my credit card. My bank says that the card information was 'altered in order to process payment,'  meaning my card information changed, and Advangate/Bitdefender manipulated the card information in order to process the charge. The card transaction is currently in dispute with my bank and with Advangate/Bitdefender. I give them very low marks for customer account services: they provide no user-friendly method to terminate an account; they altered personal bank card information to draw payment; they have not sought a resolution to reimburse the charge, but only justification as to why they feel they are authorized to charge my card. I would not recommend this product to others. Even if the product were exceptional, the lack of integrity and slack customer service negates any positive marks. Granted, this may not be totally Bitdefender's fault; however, if Avangate is at fault, then Bitdefender must step up, for Avangate represents them. I am still hopeful that the charges are reimbursed. I am still at a loss as to how I can cancel my account, future charges and terminate any personal data they may have. Eric

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Summer is just warming up! If you're looking for Climate Controlled Storage we have what you need;  5x8, 5x10, 10x10 sizes. Coded door entry for extra security. Call us today.
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