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Spoiler free verdict.  Star Wars was good.  More in line with original trilogy.

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I just read something that is both sad and true.
"April Fools Day is the only day of the year when people critically evaluate news articles before accepting them as true."
Let that sink in a moment.

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Coworker: "Visual studio doesn't give me any red squigglies. So it's ok, right?"

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Good news on a global scale.
The Best, Most Optimistic Chart You Will Ever See
The lines go down down down, ever faster - and it makes me weep with joy.

Share of people in poverty was never lower than today.
Decline was never faster.  

Lessons learned.
First curse at your code.
Then curse at the lack of documentation online.
Then try 50 things.
Then look at source code.
Then understand how to fix it.

The office has some coffee creamer.  It appears that the "Irish Coffee" creamer does not have whiskey. 

I like the audio difference with noise cancelling headphones.  Just wish my ears would stop popping every few seconds. (Air pressure)

Looked around LendingClub (p2p lending). Someone just got funded for $12K vacation loan at 13.33% APR. Payments at 10% of gross income. Why?
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