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This week... ♥
My current situation.   Flying by the seat of my pants this week, ladies!   Two sleeps till Friday.   In my mind, I'm already there.....♥  xoxo 

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Oatmeal cream pies ♥
I saw this recipe on a few weeks ago and mentally saved it because it instantly reminded me of those delicious Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies I used to get as a kid.  I can remember walking home from school and stopping at the little convenient...

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Happy St. Patrick's Day...let's have...pasta?
  Happy St. Patrick's Day!   I happened again this morning.  I went rummaging through my closet and much to my shock, found nothing green to wear! I happens every March 17th. Nothing green.  As a person who is proudly 1/2 Irish I feel like I should at least...

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It snowed again! ♥ no big deal : )
Hello! ♥ It seems winter has
decided to stick around a little bit longer.   Yesterday we were all home on a snow day.  I don’t mind winter storms (even in March,
when were are practically kissing Spring) if it means I can stay home all day in my favorite mo...

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Escaping the Winter for 5 minutes ♥ memories of Disney World
   Hello!   It's Monday and we are prepping for another big storm tomorrow.  It's time to batten down the hatches. I'm expecting to get anywhere between 12-16 inches of snow in my area!  After finishing this post I'm headed to the store to stock up on a few...

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Chocolate glazed donuts ♥
Hello Friends! Happy Friday! This week has been a mix of emotions.  One day it's gorgeous and the crocuses are blooming....and the next...snow! Whaaat? This morning I woke up to a dusting of snow. Clearly Mother Nature is confused! And so am I.  I don't kno...

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One word Wednesday: Simple ♥
Hello!  Good day to all my
friends in blog land!   ♥ It’s a dreary afternoon here
and I was thinking that instead of complaining I would focus one simple thing in life that makes me
happy today.  It doesn’t take much. This bowl of strawberries
that is curre...

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It's March, it's freezing, time for Irish bread ♥
Good Morning and happy Monday! Another weekend gone way too fast.  I can hardly believe it's March already.    I had a very restful weekend and am happily feeling much better.  Whew!  It's a good thing because I am so over being sick!  I still have a slight...

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Sick, sick, sick.... ♥
  Good Morning Friends!    Guess what? I’m sick. After I was just
saying to myself how lucky I was for getting through the entire winter avoiding
it – boom! Here I am, looking like The Walking Dead and sounding like Lauren
Bacall. I totally jinxed myself. I...

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February 2017 ♥
February   You started like this..... And ended like this...     And we've been everywhere in between ♥     It's back to being chilly again, although there is NO snow and I can smell Spring just around the corner.  We just have to be patient.    And speakin...
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