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One thing you can do much better on Google+ versus Facebook and Twitter: Write an extended comment about a story that's long enough not to be taken out of context.

Once you've shared a link to Twitter you're left with about 15 characters to offer commentary -- that's too short to say anything meaningful, and followers often misunderstand you.

And Facebook doesn't seem to be a good venue to have discussions about news topics -- it's much more personal than that.

I'm betting Google+ will therefore be huge for the discussion of news articles -- it hits the sweet spot.
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This follows the concept of G+ taking the best of twitter & facebook.

15 characters is a bit exagerated with the abundance of URL shorterners available. Twitter barely allows for a discussion because of distractions and lost tweets.

I will say, the chronological comment thread in Google+ does allow for better communicating intelligent ideas.
agree - suspect many will switch from blogging to G+logging :))
I'm hoping CNET moves their news over this way.
will it over take Facebook on the social chatter during live events?
It is a great source to generate more discusion and better understand people's point of view.
I'd agree with that synopsis. With buzz the excitement was the ability to have longer posts...
I've been predicting that Twitter will remove the 140 char limit. Soon.
Also, the summary is a lot longer than on FB. Might not be an obvious difference, but at-a-glance it's actually very noticeable.
Kind of annoying on Facebook when they get up to about 420 characters and that's it...
I agree with you! It seems G+ is the only platform where you can really speak on a topic without having to monitor or phrase things differently just so you can have a say. I did notice however while i was typing this, my message got slammed down about 10 spots in the process LOL so speed typing is essential if you dont want to get lost ! LOL
Facebook's 420 character limit on status was amusing in some circles and forced a certain kind of haiku-like brevity for those willing to rise to the challenge :-)
One thing you can do much better on Google...

A spreadsheet.

I was working on a spreadsheet on Google Docs when a message from G+ popped up...

Well... think Facebook is ever going to add spreadsheets?
Yeah, So far it feels like and in depth versino of twitter.
I agree. More insightful commentary than link stuffing will be wonderful!
So far it appears Google+ leaning that direction.
I have found Google+ a great platform to get extended insight from the people behind the brand I think as a result of not having anything for businesses right now. Good examples are you and Google. Hope when they launch their business model it does not put a stop to this interaction.
Agree... I am really loving google+ . I don't feel comfortable having "discussions" on facebook, and don't love the limits on twitter. Google plus is juuuuust right.
I definitely agree with the part about FB being too personal for news. I could not get the same experience that I got on Twitter, and g+ fills the gap!
totally agree... i've been finding myself commenting on news/politics on FB too much and pissing off my GOP friends and family :) ... like they say, 2 things you don't talk about with family and friends... politics and religion..
+Stephen Kelly Agreed that would be really cool to have, though the tag feature is nice too.
Twitter was never enough for me ... only used it to automatically update blog posts. but THIS??? holy sweet baby J. ... i'm down.
Agree, during the initial Goole+ versus Facebook debates. this is exactly why some thought we should be talking about Google+ versus Twitter.....
maybe reddit should be more afraid of G+ than facebook
Spot on, exactly what I've been telling people.
I agree. I wish Google Plus comments were expandable/collapsable...
That's right Pete ! G+ can be improve huge news esspecially for community in the future
This is the 2011 revolution, the best communication tool to date. It gives it a more journalistic, geek, etc.. But it can adapt to anything, even to the family as Facebook. It's powerful! Sorry for french :)
Good insight, although it remains to be seen? At least in my stream, the conversation/news is still heavily skewed towards tech/Google+ (not so much general news)
on the reverse side of this argument, because twitter is very restrictive in characters, in a subconscious way it's more compelling in taking the initiative to read a concise and a known quantum size of the content -the quickness of brevity in the read.

with google plus, the longer the comments are, the more it bogs down the time it takes to read all the content -getting lost in the shuffle.

my theory is that there is likely a sweet spot of a character limit somewhere in the middle -the smaller end being 140 characters and the larger end being the limit imposed on g+ or facebook. more than 140 characters but not too much where all the comments get lost -as evident in scoble's posting responses / comments.

also, because google plus is new, everyone has an eager anticipation to try it out. maintaining this interest will include people getting accustomed to it while introducing newer changes and features that are acceptable to the users.
it's possible though that due to the amount of comments, that there might be too much "noise"...Twitter can already suffer from too much noise, Google+ would suffer more from that...
That is so true, except that who actually has time to read long commentaries on a news?
That's all true Pete: also I spend a lot of time on Twitter trying to make it 'fit' which is quite a time-sink.
Yes, and what I'm loving with news feeds here on G+ is that they can so easily give us the lead paragraph and then the link to the story. That's so much more helpful than a short vague headline which is all that can fit on Twitter along with the link.
+Bobby Burdette The same thing you said...(just the polar opposite side haha). It's nice to be able to talk politically knowing you can avoid confrontation with that one person or two who you know will blow it out of proportion or start citing propaganda.
"I'm betting Google+ will therefore be huge for the discussion of news articles -- it hits the sweet spot.".... Oh yeah!!!!
Jim, that's good to hear, I think Google+ is gonna be ok, do u remember how "geekish" Twitter was when it started?!
The ability to edit these posts is great because one can correct factual mistakes in news content. But I wonder if Google will make the threads linkable on their own pages.
It's more like 120 characters after the URL has been shortened on Twitter. This limit has been very good for teaching me how to express myself concisely, but I have to agree that Google+ hits the sweet spot. I do wish though that Google would stop telling me I have unread comments when I have already seen them. Bugs are expected, anyone bring the Aeroguard?
I'm find Facebook to be LESS personal than Google+. Most people on Facebook aren't interacting; they're promoting stuff, playing games, or just posting random stuff. I get into more discussions on pages than I do with people on personal profiles.

Yet on G+, even the "big shots" are engaging and conversing.
It will be interesting to see how Google controls the evolution of it's product...Especially since they've all evolved over time, sometimes in unexpected ways...
Google for media. Facebook for family. Twitter for everything else.
totally agree, good point. much more like the message boards of old?
With Twitter's URL shortening you are left with 120 characters to tell your idea and that is good in a lot of times. It forces people to be succinct. If needed they can always write a post and link to it in Twitter.
Okay, I'm already tired of the word succinct on G+, tired of people proclaiming the need to be succinct on G+ and of people worrying that people aren't going to be succinct on G+. If succinct is your bag then hang out on Twitter. The idea of G+ isn't to be Twitter Jr. I don't understand why people feel the desire to come to G+ and then want to impose the same restrictive feel that put so many people off about Twitter. If folks want to write 2 sentences, so be it. If they want to write 16 sentences, more power to them. 
G+ is awesome! Best of Wave, Orkut, and Reader all rolled in one and then added Profile from GMail, +1 springboarded from Buzz, add Picasa, in time more Google Search goodness, and connections with Google Docs and the other Google properties. What an amazing combo. Then combine that with an invite only field test with a great group of testers who provide lots of great feedback, massage the system and what a great system it has become so far.

But it's not over. It's not even opened up to the world yet and I think there still needs to be more tweaks before that, but what a ride!

Hope it will still be what we enjoy now after it goes mainstream.
everything said is true......twitter i always use the 140 characters....and have to find really inventive ways to save space but still get the message out....

and facebook is just a lost cause....if its not a new baby or wedding.......dont say anything......cuz ppl dont like intelligence......its gotta be dumb and the same
Totally agree. I'm already loving Google+ so hard.
I agree, completely.I tend to have a lot to say, but am learning to edit. :)
i think it depends on the industry, we have a german tattoo & arts page and the interaction is huge. We have almost as many fans as mashable (i think) and i couldnt be more satisfied. Not even sure most of those people would actually use G+?! See for yourself +Pete Cashmore

We also have a 5 times bigger english speaking fan page but interaction is very similar to the way smaller page.Kinda confusing but i guess germans love social media a bit more in the art realms :) See here pls

For tech people and journalists etc G+ seems perfect though...
I'm finding I have much more honest opinions/conversations on G+ then on FB. Having a FB friends list of mom, siblings. Co-workers, Johnny from third grade who I haven't seen in 30 years "but still has embarrassing dirt to spill on what I did in high school" is a self-restraint tool that pretty much leaves FB conversation to be "I went swimming today". 
+Elizabeth North Then G+ might not be for you. Most of the people here likely don't have other places to drive their discussions deeper.
i think Pete meant FB pages instead of FB profiles?! Pls correct me if i am wrong +Pete Cashmore
Only time will tell @James, but i cant imagine too many of my friends would leave FB for G+
this thing needs a threaded comment system^^
Agreed! But other than Mashable, I haven't found too many news sources on here yet!
Yep, though I must admit I've become quite proficient in condensing my words since twitter.
That's what I was hoping it would become, and in doing so it should syncronise better with google reader
Well try to make an album and move photos there that were uploaded automatically from you phone to make things "easier," g+ loses here and will never get Facebook users to move without a simple way to deal with their vacation photos.
G+ feels just right. Meaningful connections & conversations in G+ land.
Agree with +Coretta Jackson. The content posted on G+ so far is far more interesting than the other social networks.
Agree. That's one of the things I like about Google+ is you are not limited to number of characters.
Insightful and very likely to be correct. A very personal news service.
+myttoos tattoos. Many of my FB peeps won't come over and frankly that's fine with me. There's something to be said for not having mom and the co-workers knowing every last thing you are doing or thinking. I regret friending co-workers as it stilted my comments. Not a problem here, more like a fresh start.
I actually think G+ also has a clear advantage on the photography field. I personally love the way photo's are shown, with that i mean that you're able to keep looking at a photo while still being able to read the comments or write a comment.

Also the ability to view a photo's EXIF data in G+ is quite handy.
I know that G has stated they are not bringing back Wave but I would love to see it integrated with G+. I think the two could compliment each other in the type of discussions you are talking about.
Right now, the most annoying thing about G+ is the long, unmanageable string of comments that come with really interesting posts. Even at -/+ 10MM users the comment string becomes intrusive and interrupts the normally positive experience.
I'll be happy if it doesn't clot up with posts telling me how I should set my status update for the next hour if I were any kind of a decent human being.
+chester lohman I have to agree on that, the way comments are displayed on certain interesting posts does need to change. Though the first thing that should be implemented imo is the ability to close/hide comments I open on certain posts, the only way i do it right now is by actually refreshing (f5/cmd+r) the page. Unless it already exists but I somehow cant find it :P
This commentary platform of Google+ (and Buzz) allows us to have a true and more effective open discussion - open, no limit.
Facebook is too banal and twitter too serious, I hope G+ makes the bridge between the two
I agree. This is definitely a better news platform.
Pete -- the 140 characters or less is a philosophical discussion. Twitter was built for a specific purpose: function as a microblogging platform. Google+ is a more robust collaboration portal. The question to be asking is how (or do) they co-exist.
Also G+ allows you to edit your post after you posted it
couldn't agree more - this has far more utility with integrity. Twitter is being left behind.....
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