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FYI, I'll be winding down this account because Google has asked us to transition the Mashable News account to a personal account. See you over there!
Pete Cashmore originally shared:
Hey folks, it's Pete Cashmore, founder at Mashable. Everyone here at Mashable is extremely excited about Google+ and we're very pleased that our community has embraced it so quickly!

We chatted with the Google+ team today about their plans for branded accounts, and we've both agreed that while the Mashable community is very engaged on Google+ and we all have great fun joining discussions here, it would be better for Mashable to wait for branded profiles to launch officially before having a company presence on here.

Mashable will be launching a new business profile and building it up from scratch once business accounts are available.

This account will continue to exist, but going forward it'll have my name and picture, and I'll continue to post here.

What can you expect? A similar mix of tech news, discussions, questions and updates, with a strong focus on Google+ and its place in social networking. Now that it's just me on here, you can also expect a more personal tone, but I'm not planning to bombard you with cat pictures.

Unless cat pictures is what you want, in which case I'm all for it! :)
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Thank you Pete ~ look forward to reading more valuable content from Mashable News ~ all the best.
I assume you are posting this from your personal account. Will you be posting the Mashable news or will it be someone else?
I think it's good that Google are being consistent ... sort of. But thanks for the laughs Petey. See you on the flip side!
Many thanks for your engagement with G+ so far.
Here's to hoping Google has good things in store for brands!
Good to here that, I will definitely look out for the Mashable branded account when it launches.
What is it with cats! They were an anecdote in a marketing book I'm reading now too.
Ok. I'll keep in my mind, Pete Cashmore is Mashable News.
So you're saying instead of the M we get to see more of your face?... OK
its nice they asked you politely to follow the rules instead of simply banning the account.
Pete you are a Brand! Doesn't Google + know that? :)
Pictures of cats. Pictures of you. Pictures of you holding cats. It all sounds awesome :)
thanks i got cats pics (four kittens born on July 1st :)
+Nathan King I think Google+ is more dog photos but ymmv -- these business accounts can't come soon enough, though. Thanks, Pete. more cat pictures :)
+hilarymorris Cats are retro - so bad they're good again. And exceptionally good at hijacking posts...
Thanks for keeping Buzz going when it mattered, and thanks for being here from the beginning too.
I need 2 Business accounts for G+...lead me in the right direction with Google. Thanks!
You're just playing by the rules.
Peter, while you are at it...

Open letter to Mr Pete Cashmore at Mashable

Dear Peter,

Thank you for all of the wonderful stuff you have done to ensure that we only have to go to one place to get our social media news. Mashable is a great site and community.

However, I have a problem. It is a sensitive subject. My issue is your head, or your photo on the "@mashable" Twitter feed to be more precise. Can you please change the picture on the Mashable Twitter feed form a photo of your face to the Mashable "M" logo - just as you have ït here on Google+. It is disconcerting to see your face 20 times on one page or in my Twitter app feed or the Twitter web page.

Also, it just doesn't fit with the other logos of NYT, WSJ, BBC, ABC, etc. Your standing and want for the M logo to be recognized as a player in tech news would benefit from your blue M rather than your head.


Thanks for the update Pete. I'm glad you will still be accessing your own account. I look forward to the business accounts when they are open.
Thanks for the update Pete stay "Creative'!!!
No cat pics please. Just the good stuff you always give us.
Works for me, I'm gonna follow no matter Mashable is branded because of the quality of information.
Google+ takes aim and fires. Looking forward to when business profiles are up and running...
Looking forward to Mashable Official page on G+ :)
Thanks for the heads up, Pete. Love reading the latest from your posts!
Did Google+ give you a time frame for the introduction of Business Profiles?
Who doesn't love cat pictures? We trust your discretion, thanks Pete.
Pete means Mashable and viceversa. Your newsfeed is really important for many of us.
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The name +1 relates to individuals. Mashable, as any other business is a set of many individuals and so it is a "circle".
We should expect Google Apps accounts belonging to individuals to be +1, but the yellow page stuff will always be >1 or +1 in a circle (unitary set).
thanks for all of the helpful information!
Thank you for all the great information please let me know when Mashable's Brand Page. ps I hope the cats images you post are nice ones and not weird ones.
Too bad. I was enjoying the fact that you got back again into commenting more.
Pete, Mashable articles are still referring people to this account, rather than Mashable news. Just FYI.
Hi What you can introduce a next like Chinese Chinese-speaking friend to do I know
I like this photo of you so much better, though! lol
I second G+'s decision to keep accounts personal. Hope it's final and not temporarily. Future socmed is supposed to be more personalized. Branded accounts or worse yet stupid pseudonyms will only make it less real. As if Facebook isn't enough already
Any news on when this transition will take place? More curious as to when branded profiles will become available.
Pete, that is a good strategic decision as G+ company pages will have many benefits for Mashable and your team. Keep us posted and looking forward to G+ biz pages!
Mashable is just getting used to Google+ so will be watching out what you guys think of it !
Hi, i know you must have heard this from a lot of people, but I really want to be a part of, i have tried to check on the site for any openings, but the website is confusing me, could you please be kind enough to tell me how to go about it?....
thanks for your time...
Chan Li
Unless cat pictures is what you want, in which case I'm all for it! :) +1
Hi Pete, I love Mashable and use it to teach my Business Classes. I am working on a new project on Social Media this semester with my students @ Do you have any "Mashable" suggestions for my students?
What is this google + all about?? Is it any good?? Presume it will be like facebook and twitter but need set one up for work social networking cos id only end up doing it in 6 months so may aswell get on board early. Do you know much about it??
A few cat pics never hurts....just say'n.
Will google+ share of articles be integrated into iphone and ipad apps?
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to those who think that a statement about'everyone is into to cats' is a complaint. Find something else to criticize. it's a statement-not a complaint. its a statement from someone who has never saw so many cat pictures in one setting.
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