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We just redesigned the +Mashable Google+ page based on a design submitted by +Viktor Kis -- take a look and let us know what you think?

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Type +brandname into Google search and you'll get redirected to that brand's Google+ page if they have one.

This is huge for brands and a smart move for Google -- leveraging their massive success in search to take on Facebook and Twitter.

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FYI, I'll be winding down this account because Google has asked us to transition the Mashable News account to a personal account. See you over there!
Hey folks, it's Pete Cashmore, founder at Mashable. Everyone here at Mashable is extremely excited about Google+ and we're very pleased that our community has embraced it so quickly!

We chatted with the Google+ team today about their plans for branded accounts, and we've both agreed that while the Mashable community is very engaged on Google+ and we all have great fun joining discussions here, it would be better for Mashable to wait for branded profiles to launch officially before having a company presence on here.

Mashable will be launching a new business profile and building it up from scratch once business accounts are available.

This account will continue to exist, but going forward it'll have my name and picture, and I'll continue to post here.

What can you expect? A similar mix of tech news, discussions, questions and updates, with a strong focus on Google+ and its place in social networking. Now that it's just me on here, you can also expect a more personal tone, but I'm not planning to bombard you with cat pictures.

Unless cat pictures is what you want, in which case I'm all for it! :)

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Mashable tech team prefers Google+ Hangouts to Skype. Quite the recommendation!
We just made the official switch to using Google+ Hangouts for internal Mashable product/tech meetings, and have stopped using skype audio/video chats entirely. Skype's lag and audio artifacts were just too much...and our Hangouts are really, really impressive. Has anyone else made the jump to Hangouts for video conferencing?

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Testing out Google+ for iPhone!

So far so good. A little slow at first but seems smooth now.

I also appreciate that it defaults to My Circles and not public - other social networks might not be so respectful of privacy.

No prizes for guessing where I am!

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Initial thoughts on Google+ for iPhone: Simple and fun.

It doesn't really do much beyond the stuff you can do on the web already, but obviously it opens up tons more potential for photo sharing and sharing your location.

This is the minimum viable product Google needed to release quickly: Get Google+ working on mobile to drive even further usage.

Mission accomplished, and they can add more features later.

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Really disappointed to hear about someone trying to throw a pie at Rupert Murdoch -- this could really distract from the serious issues at hand.

Seems like some very serious crimes were committed at NOTW, but now I fear much of the news coverage will focus on the "pie incident" and not getting justice for the victims.

I sure hope Google starts making Gmail more like Google+.

I love seeing faces next to messages so I usually use Sparrow for Mac, which is kind of like Twitter or Facebook because it adds the face of the sender next to the subject line. Just this tiny change makes it feels much more like a human conversation. But Sparrow is a little buggy.

Gmail's new minimalist interface remains pretty disappointing -- still no faces next to emails, responses aren't really realtime and there's no "quick reply" box for a two word response.

Imagine all the awesome features of Google+ in Gmail. They already have all the faces of your contacts, and clearly they have the tech to do realtime conversations -- so why not bring all this good stuff to Gmail and make email less of a chore?

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Twitter is buzzing about a Bloomberg report that News Corp's board is considering putting COO Chase Carey into the CEO role to replace Rupert Murdoch.

I'm calling it: Chase Carey mustache meme going viral in 3, 2, 1...

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This story is getting more and more insane -- News of the World whistleblower now found dead.

"Not suspicious" apparently.

By the way, let's be sure to remember that the Guardian newspaper broke the NOTW hacking story originally, proving that there's still great journalism being done these days.
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