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What does everyone think about the new desktop notification?

When enabled, you get a little notification in the corner of your screen showing you messages you're tagged in if you have the chat in a background window.

Right now it's limited to just messages in public chat.  We're thinking about making it work for private chat messages too.

What do you think?
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We're putting an update up today.  We fixed an issue with the dark theme, fixed some scrolling issues and the new emoticons work in private chat now.

We've also added a karma token to the karma raffle.  The karma token allows you to give 2 karma away to someone you think deserves it.  If you don't give the karma away before you log off, it will be consumed by the system so be sure to quickly pick someone and share the love!
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Put up a new update today. New emoticons and updates to the dark theme.


Check it out and let us know what you think.
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Today we launched a new update that fixed a lot of bugs. Especially bugs in the dark theme. Be sure to check out the dark theme if you haven't tried it lately. You can access it under the settings button (the gear in the top right).

We also introduced some new emoticons. Here's the list.


Additionally, we've updated the karma raffle. If you win the karma raffle you now get a token good for one declare message (check out the help for /declare). Your token gives you one declare message that does not require 100 karma to use nor do you have to spend a karma point to use the token.

Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment box for this post. :-)
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Today we're launching a chat update with a new feature in it. The karma raffle.

The karma raffle is a fun new feature that kicks off when there are 15 or more people in a room. You earn virtual raffle tickets the same way you speed up your karma accumulation rate.

Use the name tagging feature and welcome new users to get tickets.

At the end of the raffle period a winner will be chosen and the karma awarded.

You must be present in the room to win the karma raffle. If you leave before the end of a raffle and one of your virtual raffle tickets is picked then the karma will be consumed by the system.

What else is new in this update? If you create a room, you can now give other users moderator access over your room. You can't take moderator access away yet, however, so choose your moderators wisely.

Coming up next week, karma boost options for instant karma.
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A week ago we released an update that actually put the karma system to work. It's got a long ways to go yet, but it'll evolve over time. For now, here's what you need to know about karma.

Everyone earns karma just for being logged in. There are ways to speed up the rate at which you earn karma.

You can speed up the rate by which you earn karma by using the name tag feature to highlight others' names in your posts. You can speed up the rate even further by using the name tag feature in messages to new users (users with no karma).

Being friendly to new users will always earn you the most karma. It's our goal to grow the site and new users need to feel welcome. If someone is new, strike up a conversation with them. You'll be rewarded.

So what do you get for earning karma? Currently there are two features that require karma. The first is the action command. Once you reach 10 karma you can use the action command (/me). Second is the declare command (/declare). The declare command puts up a large bold message in the room and costs 1 karma each message.

Soon there will be more abilities for those who earn karma.

One last thing. The user with the most karma in the room gets the only green name.

Enjoy and please send us your feedback.
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First Post for New Features coming up this week.
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