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Looking for good, insightful, and RESPECTFUL discussions of the issues at hand. If you can't muster at least that much then leave now!
Looking for good, insightful, and RESPECTFUL discussions of the issues at hand. If you can't muster at least that much then leave now!

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Comedy gold here folks! Comedy gold!

Here, Democrats are complaining about voter fraud. They are complaining about the lack of voter ID.

Oh, wait, they're only complaining about that in their own internal voting process and not when it's the general elections in which the rest of us get to vote.

Yeah, hypocrisy like this is something you just can't make up.

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Saw "King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword" last night.

The reports of it's being lousy are spot on.

I wish it were otherwise but, it's not. This movie sucks.

It was lavishly filmed, and spectacular from a cinemagraphic perspective and the acting was fine.

But that wasn't enough.

Guy Ritchie may do "caper" movies well enough but he was well out of his depth when it came to doing this sword 'n sorcery "legend" movie. And his trying to mix the two really was off putting. One sequence in particular in which Arthur is being interrogated would've been fine in "Snatch" or in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" but it fell flat in this movie.

Though the setting was nicely detailed and "gritty" the actors seemed too contemporary in their dialog and actions and that made the whole thing seem a farce.

The pacing of this film - and it's a long one being over two hours in length - was lame. Too drawn out by half. Ritchie filled that with lots of song montages and frenetic brutal action sequences - all of which were uninspiring. I wish I could say otherwise but, I was bored through most of the film.

Jude Law was outstanding as the villain and Charlie Hunnam - who played Arthur - did well in his role, but neither could not lift this film above its lame and boring level.

There are times when an otherwise good film gets some bad initial press and things snowball downward from there. In this case, that's not the case. "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" is not a good film. It's dull and uninspiring despite its high production values and top-notch cast.

I do not recommend paying to see this movie.

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A number of Democrats and Leftist like holding California up as their political ideal. That California - a place ruled almost exclusively by Democrats for almost half a century now - is a place where all the Left's dreams are free to come true.

No surprise, it's anything but that. Instead, California - as well as any other place where the Democrats have long enjoyed "single party" control - have turned into places non-stop corruption and fiscal disaster.

The latest proof of which is this: "Lexus Lanes."

I can understand why the states, like California, that have gone so heavily into the concept of HOV Lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle) are now trying to have them make money. The concept, while oh-so-noble, hasn't worked in the real world. It's a failed bit of social engineering on the part of the highway designers and politicians.

Thus they're now trying to get revenue off their failed social engineering by re-setting those HOV lanes as "Express Lanes." But their now charging fees for their use is demonstrating the very sort of elitism and pandering to the wealthy that has so corrupted the Democratic Party for years now.

No surprise then, that California is leading the way in this.

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I've posted this before but it bears repeating.

It seems that too many folks have forgotten how out Federal system works.

And while it's all the rage to rage about Trump - doing so solves nothing.

In fact, managing to oust Trump could very well make things worse.

MUCH worse.

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This is wrong. So very, very wrong...

But it also works perfectly!

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Honestly, it just doesn't get better than this.

The Democratic Party has made the "Raise The Minimum Wage" and "Fair Pay For Fair Work" its mantra for years now.

And yet, time and again we find Democrats paying their female workers less and doing everything they can to stiff the rest of their workers as well.

In this case, it's the DNC itself which is being sued for unfair pay practices and stiffing their own campaign workers.

So, once again, hypocrisy is proving one of the most consistent features of today's Democrats...

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Typical. Typical and truly sad to see.

The more "aware" feminists in the 70s and 80s recognized that there could not be actual "women's liberation" until men were "liberated" as well. That's an awareness lost on far too many of those who call themselves "feminists" of today. Instead, too much of today's feminism is based on an inherently unequal and hateful world view.

Jaye learned that the blue pill in the context of her topic is a misandrist perspective which so dominates the culture that men’s rights concerns are scorned as privileged patriarchy and whiny misogyny. The truth that Jaye uncovered is that men are unfairly discriminated against in family courts; they are turned away by all but one out of 2,000 domestic violence shelters; and they are overwhelmingly the victims of everything from workplace accidents and criminal violence to drug addiction, unemployment, and suicide. Attempts by MRAs to bring such issues into the national conversation are dismissed.

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The guy's no longer human. And that he's letting Trump live rent free in his head like this is truly sad.

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Bingo! "Gets it" in one!

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This is a pretty cool look at some of the actual locations used in the original Blade Runner film.

I've been to the Bradbury Building and its interior is truly glorious - and a whole lot smaller than the movie made it look. It's a worthwhile stop downtown if you're in LA and want to check these out yourself.

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