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I have been this person. (Well... I don't look as good in a bikini.)

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P'unk Avenue is hosting a conference on companies that are "not-just-for-profit." It's kinda autobiographical. Goes down in two weeks.

Have prepped all the things in case I hear the magic words "if only there were a node CMS" at @jsconf

"People are people, so why should it be
User profiles and accounts live separately?" - Depeche Node

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This article is interesting but Tumblr's success is not just about creativity vs. passivity. My kid lives to reblog. If it were just about creativity, Wordpress would be king. Of course Tumblr is a great creative tool, much more expressive and personal than Facebook. But Tumblr also blurs the line between sharing and creating in a way that makes both creators and rebloggers feel good.

Want to read more Warren Ellis. Would love some strong opinions on his best works beyond those I've already read: Transmetropolitan, Ministry of Space, Ocean, Orbiter and Switchblade Honey. I've ranked those in descending order of excellence, by the way, just to touch off the debate.

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Hey y'all! We built a site this weekend for folks who need new threads and want to support awesome projects on kickstarter. The site puts the project front and center while also helping people who are eager to have an interesting T-shirt. The site is designed to automatically locate the kickstarters that feature shirts. Worth checking out.

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Damn girl, you must not cite your sources 'cause I'm wondering where you got that figure (h/t +Søren Ragsdale) 

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My Mars rover links. Watch with me tonight!

FARGO II (Joel and Ethan Coen Jr., 2035) a loving remake set in the wizarding world. Emma Watson reprises her role as Hermione, now an auror for the North Dakota Department of Magic. Rupert Grint plays Ron, the incompetent local wizard who fails to notice the broomstick is a rental. We bite our knuckles as we watch a pregnant Hermione take on a washed-up former Voldemort fanboy with a Whomping Woodchipper.
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