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Daniel Selby
Just your average Military retiree/Postal worker
Just your average Military retiree/Postal worker

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I want Atlanta to win !

Thanks for the Major pain in the rear update Microsoft. #switchingtolinuxifyoukeepitup

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I still have a hard time believing it, awesome! I can't be more happy for Lebron and the city of Cleveland! Greatest NBA forward of all time !

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So he was a little long on the bullshit . He was still one of the best of the best so let him rest in peace!

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I will be happy to watch the Seahawks grind him onto the ground twice a year lol.

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They can reject all the criticism they want. I know I will not give any more money to these tools. Partying on the back of wounded vets should be more then a dismissal ,it should be a crime !

I am still a Browns fan ,but sometimes I wonder why ? I grew up watching the Browns and been a loyal fan all through my Army career and subsequent employment in the Seattle area .Most folks would have jumped on the Seattle bandwagon. I could not do that so here I am waiting until next year again. Hopefully they will get their head out of their fourth point of contact soon !

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Hopefully they wont screw it up again !

Happy Veterans Day !
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