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This circle is full of the top Attorney Influencers on Google Plus.  They actively engage on G+ and are exactly who you want to connect with to extend your social reach across the legal industry. Add these Attorney Influencers to your circles!

Guidelines for Attorney Influencers
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2. Share the circle to stay in the circle
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4. If you are new and want in this circle, share the circle.

*If I somehow missed you, please let me know and you'll be added on the next share. 

Note: Add this circle weekly so you can get the new members!

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Great Info From +Brette Evans 

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Fact or Fiction: I can file for #Bankruptcy  as a single party even if I am married.

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Detroit can't keep out of the news these days -- This time the story is about their proposed plan to leave pensioners with 16 cents on the dollar. What are you thoughts?

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In the spirit of #Halloween did your favorite scary movie make the list -- What is it?

Fact or Fiction: Filing for #bankruptcy will ruin my credit score for the rest of my life?

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Check out a guest post I wrote discussing online dating service files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy -- Follow the link below for more!

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