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Terrorists and their followers are victims of their own non-Islamic ideologies. The unethical man- made law is slowly eroding true Islamic values.

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Terrorsts: Delusions and Dilemma

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The global joint venture, multilateral cooperation, and communication with the affected states can only mitigate the escalating menace. It’s the time now, let’s unite and pledge for "jihad on terrorism" to save and preserve human values, instead of making an independent attempt.

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Myth is not all that is false and fabricated. Truth changes into myth with change of time, belief and faith.

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Terrorism is a GLOBAL MENACE today.
Terrorists believe that Jihad can bring glory to ISLAM.
Do they know what is JIHAD?
JIHAD can bring glory to mankind and is not simply religion specific.


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There are some experiences beyond incredible.

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Know about "After-Life" with experiences beyond incredible.

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"Some problems don't have any easy solution.
The understanding about life after death is one of them."

AFTER LIFE- experiences beyond incredible

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Truth of 'after life '
experiences beyond incredible

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After Life- Experiences beyond incredible

Spirit is neither born nor does it die at any time. It is Unborn, eternal, permanent and primeval. The spirit is not destroyed when the body is destroyed. Swords cannot cut it, fire cannot burn and water doesn't make it wet..................
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