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A good lawyer makes all the difference.
A good lawyer makes all the difference.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the legal profession. The public has the false view that there are too many "frivolous" lawsuits clogging up the legal system. When we ask people about frivolous lawsuits, they often talk about the woman who sued McDonalds because she spilled coffee on herself. The case is Libeck vs McDonalds and you will be very surprised to hear that it wasn't as simple as you have been led to believe. Here is the rest of the Story:

1. She suffered third degree burns to her thighs, perineum, and buttocks;
2. She was hospitalized for eight days.
3. She had to get skin grafts.
4. She had permanent scarring
5. In the 10 years before the accident, McDonalds relieved over 700 complaints of coffee burns from their customers.
6. McDonalds was serving coffee at 180-190 degrees, while coffee brewed at home is typically 130-140 degrees.
7. 190 degree coffee causes full thickness burns in under 3 seconds, while coffee that is 160 degrees would require 20 seconds to cause a third degree burn.
8. Liquid above 140 degree cannot be consumed and the amount of damage to tissue increases exponentially with an increase in temperature.
9. McDonalds knew that 190 degree coffee risked severe burns but did nothing to change its policy despite hundreds of burn reports.
10. McDonalds had laboratories dedicated to researching their food and drinks, but they never consulted a burn specialist despite the fact that they had records of over 700 people being burned.
11. The jury awarded her the two days worth of coffee sales in order to send a strong message to McDonalds and anyone else in the industry.
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Our philosophy is to focus on trial preparation. We want to maximize the settlement in your case. Too often Insurance companies will not offer a fair value for your case unless you show them you are willing and able to go to trial. We do not rely on a high caseloads or quick settlements. We believe in working each case to ensure that you get fair compensation. We are selective with our cases because it allows for more time to be put into each case. For 30 years I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients, with multiple settlements reaching into the seven figures. Unfortunately, too many law firms do not focus on communication with their clients. It is all too common for clients to not be able to reach their attorneys on the phone. You are not just another case number to us. When you call into the office you will speak to your lawyer, not just a secretary or paralegal. We aren't just a law firm, we are a small business.

We focus exclusively on:

Representation of Injured Workers who suffer on the job injuries

Representation of Accident Victims: including trucking accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other forms of personal injury cases.

If you need a Cumming personal injury or workers comp lawyer then we can help.
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