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HI guys, I'm having a problem with this 60 per 2012b and I hope someone will have some insight. We've built several of these rings for a project going out to the playa. All of the tape is doing what we expect it to except for this one ring. We bought the tape in four meter lengths so for these larger 56 inch diameter rings we've had to solder the tape together. The two other 56 inch rings don't have problems. But this one freaks out under stress test. 

Here's the weird part. I've re-soldered the connection three times, cutting back a pixel on each piece of tape each time and swapping out to a different piece on the tail end once. All with the same result.

The long piece did come in a second order but from the original vendor. Powering from both ends is the only way to get the second strip to work at all and if separated and tested individually they both work as expected.

Any ideas?

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