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Jeffrey Tyson
A normal person who surfs the web like the seven seas, hang 1010,
A normal person who surfs the web like the seven seas, hang 1010,

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Tomb Raider - I Have No Idea if I'm Suppose to Explore Tombs or Her Wounds.
     Tomb Raider from back when I played it during the early 2000's was about playing as an explorer of tombs.  Who oddly had stiff jumping which caused her to fall down cliffs like a manikin and fighting dinosaurs gaining wounds.  Now we are playing as a p...

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The New 3DS - The Hell is This For?
    I am a tech guy who enjoys playing with different hardware, either has a hobbiest or just as a consumer.  I'm not an expert like most tech people, it's just a hobby I have to flex my programmers brain.  So I'm used to reading and hearing about new revis...

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She Wiggles, She Jiggles, and She Julienne's Carrots with Her Hair
During the time when the Gameboy Color was the hot new handheld to own, I lived in a town where to get anything that wasn't super popular like Poke'mon I had to drive out of town.  Being a ten year old kid I didn't have this option at all, which was how I m...

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                As a
person who enjoys J-RPGs I have to concede to some of the reasons why people
don't like my favorite sub genre.  I have
heard it all such as boring gameplay, bad characters, and horrible story; And
like this review it is all opinion of c...

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A Review Between Words
     Me and The Legend of Zelda series has had a strained
relationship, it feels over the years I've grown to hate the 3D games more and
more yet the 2D games I love.  I wasn't
honestly worried about it being bad because it's a 2D Zelda game, I was worried

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Fun song and fun movie

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Silent Protagonists and the Great Snore
I love playing RPGs, they are my favorite genre to play in all of video games genres.  But when I play an RPG(Or other genre of games games for that matter) I get sick of controlling a character who doesn't talk.  It never makes any sense to play as a chara...

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Pokemon Has Evolved to the Third-Dimension
Ever since the beginning I've been a fan of Pokemon.  I still remember eavesdropping on a classmates conversation about the game and going to K-Mart that same day to get a copy of Pokemon Blue.  The game had entranced me and ever since then I've had become ...

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Uncharted Golden Abyss Should It Belong in a Museum or Secured by "Top Men"?
To me the first Uncharted game was a fun and exciting adventure through the jungles looking for long lost treasure, which on retrospect should have stayed  lost given what it did.  The problem I had with the reveal was the villain who seemed to wanted to we...
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