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Juliet Batten
Writer, psychotherapist, artist and teacher
Writer, psychotherapist, artist and teacher

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Things change
 Dear readers, I've been absent since equinox last year. Now that equinox has come around again, it's time to return, to tell you how things have changed.  We live in times of changing technology. Last year our local post box was removed, due to reduced vol...

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Two faces of granny-hood
 Spring is here, and I've been absent with a mix of winter flu and big busyness as I develop my business of distributing my books, speaking at conferences, and the new enterprise of 2015: teaching online courses. It's all very exciting, but has taken me awa...

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She's eaten my snail!
 The wail could be heard throughout the house, bouncing off the walls and bare wooden floors. 'My snail!'  Through the sobs she choked out, 'It's gone!' This happened last Thursday when I was visiting the family for dinner. Oh dear. When I arrived, she hadn...

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Mindfulness Mountain (2)
 'From the top, light and shadows will shape the land you know in new ways,' said the mountain as I rested with my back against a sun-warmed rock at the summit. I closed my eyes, and felt I could stay there forever.  But the voice of the mountain said, 'Don...

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Mindfulness mountain (1)
I've just spent a weekend at the beautiful Mana Retreat on the Coromandel Peninsula, where I led a winter solstice ritual for the community and helpers who had gathered for a big working bee. On Sunday I had time for replenishment. At Mana, there are many c...

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Thyme for solstice
before I picked up my pen to write to you for winter solstice, I opened an
envelope that had just arrived through the mail. Neatly folded inside the
letter, I discovered two little sprigs of wild thyme. Lost
on the limestone I
inhaled the tangy scent a...

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Against the dark
 It is human nature to rebel against the encroachment of winter. At the Steiner School in the late afternoon, the rain cleared, and Darkness stepped coolly towards us.  The air was alive with chirping children's voices. 'I know where he's gone,' said a youn...

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This ancient practice was a key to the survival of Maori in a new land. 

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Unearthing in autumn
 We've done this before, you and I. It's that time of year again, when the shadows are lengthening, the nights are growing cooler and it's time for us to venture to the other side of the hill.  At first we seem to be making straight for the sea, but the sec...

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Autumn treasure
 The shadows are lengthening and the days are growing cooler. Salad days have come to an end, and it's time for hot soup and toast. At Easter I laid a trail for the young one (now 6 1/2 years old). 'To do this treasure hunt, you need to be very observant,' ...
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