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M. Dunham
Writer with delusions of fantasy. Hence interesting stories!
Writer with delusions of fantasy. Hence interesting stories!


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Discussing Pern with fellow Pern lover Tehani, super excited. We'd love to hear from more Pern fans!
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Dear Ronald McDonald House,

Thank you for, during one of the most difficult times in my brother's life, making it a hundred times worse by not letting my parents stay.

My brother is in a children's hospital, and he's certainly on the level of a child, but apparently, having the great misfortune of turning 22 last week means they are ineligible to stay at the Ronald Mcdonald House in Cincinnati.

The best part? Other McDonald houses don't have the age restriction, only some. Mainly the US ones.

After driving six hours to a special hospital for my brother's rare disease, my parents now have to have one more stress added onto the pile of watching their child, my brother, struggle for his life.

My mom and stepdad are two of the most loving, compassionate people you'll ever meet. They've done everything to give our family a joyous, happy life despite the financial, emotional, physical, and mental hardships that hit children with special needs and their families. To see places give a restriction on peds patients and families is disgraceful.
Shame on you, Ronald McDonald house.

No Love,
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