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Overheard: VIP's talking Smoothies
I'm at it again     I'm at the Starbucks in the hospital lobby during
R's weekly wheelchair Pilates class. Ten minutes ago, a group of people,
five women and two men, flocked in. They pulled four little tables together,
stole chairs from all over, and st...

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Eavesdropping, Again
I Should Have Been a Sleuth     You never know who will be sitting at the next table at the coffee shop! Today
was especially productive because the man and woman at the next table are
talking so loud that it doesn't even seem like eavesdropping. They are...

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Good News!
Good News for a Rainy Winter Day Yeah! I just found out that my erotic novel, " Inn on the Edge " has been selected as a finalist in the EPIC book awards...and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have checked the website several times in the past hours...

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Krumkake and Memories
Krumkake (Recipe Below) I made Krumkake this morning. I love these delicious rolled-up Norwegian cookies that are as pretty to look at as they are to eat. Oh - the choices! Do I fill them with whipped cream goodness? Or do I leave them as-is (I choose to le...

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My Cat has Devil Eyes
In honor of Halloween: Smokey with the Devil Eyes! Scary, aren't they? I took this picture of him in July, when we were going through some boxes that needed sorting. Pretending to be a true cat, Smokey-the-devil-cat jumped into a just-emptied box. But I cau...

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Aliens and Cinnamon Rolls
Aliens and Cinnamon Rolls: What do they have in common? Yes. It tastes just as good as it looks.     It's been more than a month since I've posted here, which is hard to believe. Life has thrown hammers at my head, and wrenches, and an anvil also (might a...

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Cool Vintage Album Covers - Downsizing, Part Four
They Sure Had Fun With These! Springsteen...! ...And so did we. Yesterday, as part of our summer downsizing effort, we dug out Richard's collection of record albums. He has kept maybe a hundred of his favorite albums through the years, and through many move...

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Downsizing, Part Three - Destroying Hard Drives
In Which We Enter ... Hard Drive Hell There were at least five of these monsters lurking in our basement! We'd been putting it off for years. Why take the effort and time to take apart and deal with our old desktop computers when they can sit on shelves in ...
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