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Robert Emerson

At work, and what not.

At work, and that's that.

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Greetings to thosr who've newly circled me; Welcome to my G+ presence!

As there had been a noted uptick in circlings, I thought that I'd ask what brought you to my space.

So, what brings you here folks?

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For the love of...

Seriously, politics aside, this is a blatant falsehood about Net Neutrality. Data is Data, period. Providers do not have the right to charge consumers differently depending on which bits of data are being used, since it allows for providers to have an unfair competitive edge against sources of entertainment who are not owned by one of the cable/media mega-corporations.

If you're someone who believes in defending small businesses, are anti-monopolistic tactics, then Net Neutrality is important to you. It keeps the giant companies from starving out the smaller ones, it keeps the Internet open for everyone as a level playing field.

Also, now more politically specific, out of all the Republicans to potentially listen to on the issue, there are smarter fish out there than Ted Cruz. Seriously, the man's an opportunistic idiot, a skilled idiot mind you, but an idiot none the less.

He has a track record of stretching and breaking the truth like peanut brittle.

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Less than $3k until it funds, the Five Moons RPG is making steady progress.

If you haven't already checked it out, you should.

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The Kickstarter for Sean K. Reynolds' Five Moons RPG is still going strong, it's over 75% funded with 25 days to go which makes it a 'when' and not an 'if' its going to happen thing, in my view.

So if you're looking for a new fantasy RPG with an interesting setting and cosmology, I think you should check out Five Moons. :)

At work, as it seemed the appropriate thing to do this morning.

Also, I gave a neighbor's care a jump this morning, which means I've got my good deed quota filled for the remainder of the decade. Go me. :)

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Five Moons RPG is cruising along nicely, but there's plenty of room for more folk. Why don't you check it out?

With respect to the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate tonight:

If there is one thing that Ken Ham did well tonight it was to show how flawed inductive reasoning can be when you've the fundamentalist position in a debate. His performance wasn't even good Apologetics, let alone good rhetoric. True, Ham had the more difficult position, yet even with the "home field" advantage he floundered.

Bill Nye performed well, even if much of his side of the debate was soft challenges and enjoyable lecture. It'd have been better if he would have launched heftier salvos at Ham's position, but he avoided looking like a bully, at least.

Oddly enough, if anyone firmed up my agnostic stance, or even leaned me more solidly toward atheism, it'd have been Ham. I'm not a fan of fundamentalism, regardless of the flavor or sect of belief since I feel that fundies often do as much damage to their own faiths, as they do to everyone else.

If not for the kith and kin in my life who are various types of believers, of many different religions (not just Christians), I'd be all for just tossing the old philosophies right out the window. They're not for me, but when they're practiced within reason they can do good things within a community. Within reason.

Anyhow, I think we'd be better off if the fundamentalists and literalists were laughed off their carnival barker's soapbox, as they richly deserve. We're better off without them, and I think the other believers would suffer less for it.
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