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Hello friends,
Our goal is to reach 170 facebook likes by the end of this week. We could certainly use your assistance! Go to and give is a "like" and share with your friends!
Thank you,

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Kokonutlime Publishing hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Zo Klimowicz

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Come listen to author Zo Peacemaker talk with Kokonutlime about the creation and process of his newly released book The Infinite Me. 

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We have been waiting almost two years for this announcement...So a drumroll would be quite appropriate at this moment...

THE INFINITE ME IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! Congratulations Zo! Thank you for the beautiful experience in co-creating this masterpiece!


And it should be available on Amazon next week...

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Everyone has their own definition. What is yours? For Emily in her book The Dichotomy of Wholeness. Love is: balance.
· Love Is: uplifting · (series 15/25)

There is a heady intoxication associated with love. Powerful emotions fill us, surging and roaring, making our every thought brighter. Suddenly no dream seems unlikely, no fantasy too far-fetched, no life more satisfying. When that amazing someone walks into your life, you imagine all the futures before you in every direction, and you want to run down every path... immediately!

Love gives us a sense of belief and faith in each other, a sense of belonging and value. Love can supply us with a strength and courage that perhaps we didn't know we possessed. A relationship of love (between two people, amongst a family or community) strengthens every person within it immeasurably. It uplifts us when perhaps we cannot find the belief in ourselves.

Most importantly, the love we give to each other is the bond that strengthens us as a whole. It consoles, nurtures and encourages us at every turn, and is what can carry us away completely:)

#scribblecrush   #LoveIsSeries  

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After 2 years in the making, countless revisions and rewrites, the first volume of the four part series "The Process" is finally here. Titled "The Infinite Me" this book will take you to new places within yourself you may not know existed. This book is about the universe that resides inside of you, me, and everyone else. Learning the nature of the world around us assists us to understand the invisible forces affecting our thoughts, feelings, actions and results of our lives. Consider this Zo's version of "metaphysics 101".

Now it's time to celebrate it's joyful release with friends, music, food and to cap it all off, a free workshop with every purchase of the book presented by Zo Peacemaker!

Guest speaking presentations by Ramone and Alex Hoggan. 

Musical acts TBA. 

Sponsored by The Water Welllness Center and Kokonutlime Publishing.

Here are just a few of the books reviews:

“Peacemaker succeeds in addressing the sacred needs of every human being within this practical and honest guide. He begins to untangle the messes we create in our lives daily, and does so through sound advice and compassion for those in search of a more positive lifestyle. By the last page, it feels as though the world is an entirely new thing to be experienced. It deserves a place on the bookshelf, right next to The Four Agreements and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” Rayla Gomez, Freelance Editor

“Imaginative and far-reaching! Zo’s seamless blending of spirituality and scientific truths weave an expansive and evolving journey of understanding and self-discovery through the tapestry of life’s biggest questions. Truly an inclusive handbook for the wayward traveler of this and and the connecting dimensions.” Tyrel Wiltse, Co-Founder Rejuven8 Thru Nature/ Universalist

“Boom! Explosion! Epiphany! This is what happened to my head several times throughout this book. I never realized my power until now. This book revealed an infinite source of love, energy, peace, success, and everything all from inside me. The Infinite Me. It shed light on past relationships that I never fully understood until now. It raised my awareness and gave me a new perspective that empowers me yet satisfies me with whatever comes my way. This book is full of neat tools to turning garbage into gold and making magic happen in your life. I’m amazed by Zo’s awareness. He truly has a gift for bringing 5th dimensional ideas down to Earth and connecting the spiritual with the scientific and the ethereal with the physical. This book clears a path to inner peace and thus, everyone on a path to world peace.”-Jaesi Bone, Composer

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Some of the daily konversations that go on in our office, haha.

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The Triad Principle
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