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I should also note the stars on the map - I took the time to find places I wanted to go to while on wifi.  Then saved those locations.  Works great.

One feature I like more on google plus than facebook is how you can interact with your contacts.  Circles vs Lists.  I will say both platforms can share information to different lists.  However, it is my experience that most people on facebook don't really get the lists feature and if they do, certainly don't use it.  

For example - think about election time.  Politics are very emotional and conflict orientated - a lot of people "lost" or blocked friends (and family) on facebook over politics.  It is for one simple reason - they forgot that we don't interact with all of our friends in the same way, and on the same levels.  Which means we need to be more considerate of how we try to connect, with whom, and on what level.  

I think that ability on g+ is intuitively easier and in your face when you post - it is a prominent part of each post - who are you posting to.  The challenge is to be well organized in how you setup your list or circle and to actually use that hierarchy when sharing content.  

Think about it - do you interact the same way at work, home, etc.? Or do you compartmentalize those interactions based upon the setting?  It really makes sense to take that same effort online.
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