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Vegan Rap Nerd
Vegan lifestyle meets Hip-Hop culture.
Vegan lifestyle meets Hip-Hop culture.


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Black Military Officers Call for an End to the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration

#warondrugs #massincarceration #africanamerican #blackpeople #drugs #crime #blm #blacklivesmatter

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Interview With Baltimore Based Psychedelic Folk Soul Musician & Author Jordannah Elizabeth

Jordannah Elizabeth is a very talented author, musician, teacher, journalist, and entrepreneur. She wrote the book "Don't Lose Track Vol 1" which is available now, she has released numerous Psychedelic #Folk Soul projects such as "Borders" and "A Rush," and she's written for countless media outlets including LA Weekly, The Village Voice, MTV Iggy, and VICE. She is the founder of non-profit media outlet which provides opportunities for upcoming creatives, and she founded The Process Records Media Group, where she releases her music and organizes her tours. She does more than we can fit in this space and talk about on this episode!

We spoke with Jordannah about her upbringing in Baltimore moving to Colorado, California, New York, and coming back, and also her grind in the music industry, her work as a writer, and her views on race, feminism, entrepreneurship, how to treat people and move in the world, and so much more. She drops some gems on how to get up and go and make it happen. This episode is good vibes and a must listen!\

#baltimore   #journalism   #podcast   #interview   #conversation   #baltimoremusic   #feminism   #folkmusic  

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#Vegan  lifestyle meets #HipHop  culture!
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Check out Baltimore City Paper's deputy editor/arts editor on the Channel 10 Podcast!

#baltimore   #bmore   #podcast   #writing   #journalism   #hiphop   #baltimorehiphop  

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Put your identity on display and break down racial stereotypes with this shirt. Change the labels and control the narrative and perception.

#blacklivesmatter #blacknerd #blacknerds

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Show off your #vegan strength! High quality t-shirt that is definitely a conversation starter about the vegan lifestyle.
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