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Two weeks ago, we had a great discussion (about discussion) on the blog and it's still lighting up the back of my brain. What one thing -- be it a technology, a behavior, a rule, whatever -- do you think would improve online comments on news stories?

Would love to hear from you, +Future Journalism Project, +Gwen Bell, +Steve Outing -- and everybody else!
Should colleagues hold themselves to a different standard than the everyman commenter?
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Can you elaborate on that? Do you mean a news org keeping the same familiar voice and values across platforms or do you mean individuals? (Or, naturally, both.)
Thanks for the thought you put into that response!

I understand now. I do think there's a whole set of discussion lessons to teach -- but nobody's got the authority to teach it yet. I find the story about the student expelled for cursing on Twitter fascinating.

I'd like to find journalists' roles in that education sooner rather than later.
Gwen, there are purposes to anonymity beyond trolling - like protection from persecution, or the freedom to try on a new sense of self. You write that you don't have a problem with persistent identity being required because you don't personally benefit from or desire to use pseudonyms, but does that mean others shouldn't be able to?
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