Interesting tonight:

Utah beer tax not always poured where law wants it

Maybe poorly headlined, as most of the story talks about uses that are within the parameters of the law. Still interesting, and there's a threat that some cities will have money withheld.

The portion of beer tax reserved for cities and counties is formally called the Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement and Treatment Restricted Account. Cities and counties received almost $5.6 million from the account during fiscal year 2011. The Substance Abuse Advisory Council divvies the money based on a formula that considers each city or county’s population, the number of alcohol-related convictions there and the number of liquor licenses they have.

Beer tax payouts in fiscal year 2011 ranged from $8.57 for the hamlet of Ophir to $761,052 for Salt Lake County. Funds for the current fiscal year are suppose to be issued in the next few days, Emerson said.

The state law governing the fund says the money is "exclusively" for funding projects that reduce the overconsumption of alcohol by adults and minors. The statute goes on to say the fund is "intended to supplement the budget" of cities and counties and is "not intended to replace money that would otherwise be allocated for the programs and projects" that deter overconsumption.

Discarded Christmas trees help fish habitat

Longmont man's bid for president still alive

The 61-year-old Longmont resident who launched his long-shot bid for president of the United States in August admits that his bid is probably not going to pan out. But he's still technically running.

I forgot to include him in my list of western presidential candidates!
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