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A little surprised that I haven't bought the album yet...
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Ohh man. Once it's safe to play some music loudly in this place, I have a feeling you'll have made my Saturday.
other podcasts from that site are great, but they only make the recent ones free (older ones are free with other purchase). (Am bummed to have missed #66 from Flying Lotus!) I dno how you'll like these, not quite the same kinda stuff, but while i'm throwing out podcast recommendations: (hip-hop influenced techno with well placed bits blues, world music) (includes quakers-ish hip hop, with lots of miscellany and weirdness thrown in)
This is great, thanks! I'll add them to the list... I'll be alone in the office for a few hours tomorrow. Perfect for that. The "get killed in the woods" list is probably wonderful for being alone in a large office.
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