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I just want to note... totally called this in my "Aztec Empire" book :)

At 1,100 years old (at least) that would put it just after the collapse of Teotihuacan, just before the collapse of the Old Kingdom Mayan city-states and the rise of the Toltecs. And in "Aztec Empire", the Witch Hunters speculate that Teotihuacan stretched into the southern colonies.

Granted, I based that on earlier archeological finds that made it likely, so it wasn't THAT far of a leap, but still, VINDICATION!
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Clearly evidence of the great and glorious Nephite empire.
Wow... That's pretty cool.
And I believe... that in 1978 god changed his mind about black people!
And I belieeeeeeeeeve... that the Garden of Eden is in Branson County Missouriiiiiiiiiii...
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