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Fundamentally, rotation occurs not around an axis but in a plane.  In 3 dimensions, there's an axis perpendicular to any plane, so it's easy to get fooled.  But if we think about 2 or 4 dimensions we can start to see the pattern.   Since 2+2 = 4, we can have two planes at right angles in 4 dimensions... and below you see a 4-dimensional cube that's rotating in two such planes simultaneously!  

For a clearer explanation of the story, read the article.

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What happens after I die?
I go to heaven or hell, 
God takes care of me, or Satan
Or do I just perish, forever?

The universe is over 15 billion years old. 
I live for about 70 years.
Now, that is infinitesimal. 
And I feel very very depressed.

I do not matter.
I do not count.
I might never have been alive. 
I might never have been alive in any sense.

Is that the reason why I need a GOD,
In capitals.
My own transience frightens me
So help me GOD

Is that it?
Is that the reason why humans invented GOD?
Is that the only reason why GOD exists?
To palliate my meager existence.

How does this existence compare with an eternity of non-being?
Suppose GOD does not exist in my mind,
What happens to the entity called me?
Am I just the flesh and blood that I look like now?

Then there is no need for god.
For I am nothing
But an arrangement of molecules
And a strange one at that.

Who Are you?

how about separate auto created "folders" or something of that sort for each of the circles in gmail.

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is it possible to prevent game requests from going to some people without blocking them altogether. some people checked out the games when they (the games) were young on g+ and later stopped playing all but angry birds. they will continue get game requests. any idea how to do this?

the problem with g+ games is adding neighbor. maybe it will become more friendly later, but right now, unlike fb i have no idea how to add neighbors. any suggestions...

Dennis Ritchie passed away.
Thank you for C and Unix and ..

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Read much about Steve Jobs. Liked this one very much.
"Death is very likely the best invention of life," he said in the speech. "All pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important." Stanford commencement speech in 2005, Jobs.
Read more:

Adios, Steve.
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