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Content Management, Solved
Content Management, Solved

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ExpressionEngine 3.5.7 released!

Grid fields, chop chop, respect your column widths! (and a dozen other improvements)


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ExpressionEngine Conference is under new ownership for 2017...


Q Digital Studio is organizing it now, and rebuilding it as a real community-owned and community-driven conference! Join in the Typeform and make a difference!

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight w/50% off upgrade sale is Mark Croxton, developer behind Stash.

Manage cached Stash variables, bundles and cache-breaking rules. It's the perfect companion to Stash.

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight w/50% off upgrade sale is Amphibian Design

Event Helper:
A simple but powerful way to manage events in ExpressionEngine.

Dashboard Analytics:
Converts the ExpressionEngine dashboard into a view of your Google Analytics.

Easy config of site emails with a number of transactional email services.

Google Custom Search:
Display search results from your Google Custom Search Engine using standard ExpressionEngine tags.

Check them out!

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We are in the final hours of the 50% off ExpressionEngine upgrade sale. It's been a hit, thanks to all of our awesome customers and participating vendors! Prices good through Sunday, don't miss out!

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight w/50% off upgrade sale is Q Digital Studio, makers of the hit Bloqs. All the flexibility and author control of a WYSIWYG, but without the "big blob of content" that makes it difficult to reuse or modify. Sanely chunked, reusable content.

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight w/50% off upgrade sale is EEHarbor ()

Make the process of building multilingual websites quick and easy.

The best way to add Stripe subscriptions to your web site (also handles one-off payments).

Generate navigation and manage your page-based content.

The three add-ons above, plus 11 more highly popular add-ons, all together for a single affordable price.

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight is on 2 developers who have v3 upgrades available at no cost!

BuzzingPixel ()

Ansel: Never worry about image size constraints again. Preset your contexts and have confidence that you will always get the relevant portion of the image.

File storage solution for local, CDN, S3, or SFTP/FTP

Create flexible menu systems that are easy for content managers to control, without changing expected ExpressionEngine behavior.

Let your content authors control early parsed global variable content.


Causing Effect (

CE Image:
Powerful image manipulation

CE Cache:
Highly customizable and controllable caching system for the performance minded.

CE String:
Chainable text manipulation with simple template tags.

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight w/50% off upgrade sale is DevDemon and CartThrob, via Vector Media Group:

The most powerful and flexible e-commerce solution for ExpressionEngine

A huge catalog of add-ons including asset management, form collection, WYSIWYG, taxonomy, and more.

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Today's #eecms #DeveloperSpotlight w/50% off upgrade sale is mithra62.

Backup Pro:
Simple reliable backups for your whole site, including files and database.
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