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Fernando Sanchez
I live for Jesus and my family...
I live for Jesus and my family...

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School picture...

As far as I can tell, Mr. Cathy never judged anyone.  He simply stated what he believes in and doesn't believe in.  Doesn't the homosexual community do that all the time?  It's all free speech! We live in a country where we're allowed to disagree about what we believe in.  That's the beauty of freedom! I don't understand how Mr. Cathy is being called a bigot, discriminator, etc. for standing up for what he believes in, but when the gay community stands up for what they believe in (like trying to block building of Chick Fil-A), they're supposed to look like fighting champions.  Either it's discrimination on both sides, or it's having the freedom to believe what you believe on both sides.  It can't be in-between.

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Look out for the Mavs!

There's this weird wet stuff coming from the sky...

Well, is it going to be another one of those Cowboys seasons? I hope not!

Watched the movie, "The Social Network" last night about the creation of Facebook. Wow...what drama!

Amazing quote from Pastor David at The Avenue Church last Sunday: "I don't deal with the question, 'How can a good God let people go to Hell?' I deal more with the question, 'How can a good God allow people into heaven?' We're a mess! It's only by the blood of Jesus!" Thank God!

I think raising their rates like they did, Netflix is going to kill themselves!

Trying out this new Google+ to see what it's about. Peace, everyone!
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