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School Day BLUES
Most days we spend about 4 hours total doing school-ish stuff. Each kid has a notebook of core subjects (math, reading, writing, language arts, science, geography) and we read Story of the World with cookies at bed time for our history. We also watch all ki...

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Mama Fail
I have anxiety about homeschooling. I have been told by public school parents it isn't any less stressful to send a kid to school that to school them yourself and I have to agree. We all wonder "am I doing enough" or "is my kid really learning what they nee...

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What is love?
"Baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more..." Maybe the rest of the world doesn't think in song lyrics, but I do. Valentines Day. The haters call it the "Halmark Holiday" and while I am usually the first to be skeptical about all the things, this is a ho...

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Square Peg dreams
Ahhh the American Dream! Keeping up with those Jones', the house in suburbia, 1.5 children, the job with benefits and a retirement account.... And maybe a bit of "rat race" and consumerism thrown in there for good measure. It might be my issues with authori...

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Cookie Marketing
I am generally not too swayed by marketing. Cynical by nature, I see through the bull easily....and yet... Pinterest is of the devil. It is brain-washing at its finest. I see pictures of families doing "fun" things and I think "OH MY GOSH!! What a great ide...

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Gluten Free Sugar Cookies
I have made some really crappy cookies in my life. Though this sounds a bit like it might be a metaphor (might have to explore that angle later...) in this case I am TRULY talking about cookies. For real. I have been on a quest to make a good loaf of GF Sou...

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Joy in Learning
I am an ADD homeschooler. Maybe all homeschoolers are a little bit. We have the unique ability to ebb and flow with the needs and space our family is in. In my best moments, I am organized but flexible with the attitude of "children will learn what they nee...

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I watch him, king of his own back yard domain, stomping in his red rubber race car boots. White blond hair sticking up in all directions, shirt smeared with whatever happened to be on his hands. The chickens are smart enough to give him wide berth. But chic...

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The Design Process- How do we solve problems?
I had so much fun with you all on Thursday! Thank you for coming to Cloverbuddies. Did you enjoy learning about the design process that scientist use to solve problems? Do you remember what we call a scientist who makes things? We call them an ENGINEER! Can...

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Good Mommy
Tuesday morning. At our house, this means swimming lessons. Specifically, it means corralling 3 little girls into swimming suits, braiding 3 heads of hair, grabbing 3 towels and enough snacks to keep a non-swimming 2 year old from coming unhinged while at t...
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