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Social media that comes alive.

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If you use Buffer, be advised they're warning they've been compromised. Check your accounts for recent spam posts.

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Why one government ripping off another's website is totally awesome, and more from David Eaves at the Code for America summit.

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We missed this back in April - but what a terrific way to illustrate a range of speakers at an event! (Also, who knew "nerdy" is a polar opposite to "nervous"?) #socialspeech
Love the quadrant analysis of the 2013 Social Media Camp in BC Business magazine. 

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+Alexandra Samuel's new e-book, Work Smarter with #LinkedIn, launched today! Check it out on at

...or on iBooks at
...or on +Kobo Inc. at
...and of course on +Harvard Business Review at!

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For your parents' "So this is a job now?" files:

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Rupert Murdoch, Customer Service Rep? Gretchen Gavett interviewed Rob for this great Harvard Business Review post about leaders who trouble-shoot public complaints on Twitter - the potential, and the pitfalls.

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An extraordinary response by UK's Bodyform to a Facebook rant. Would your organization have the nerve to pull this off?

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Vancouver's NOW Communications is hiring! "Administrative professional for our advertising team: A diploma in office administration is a must. No minimum experience. On-the-job training will be provided in our unique administrative foibles."

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Iranian Internet censors discover their political limits. And they lie somewhere short of Gmail.

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Want to keep in touch with your team? HootSuite has just launched a free new service, Conversations. If Yammer is overkill for you - and for many non-profits, businesses and government agencies, it is - then this may be what you've been waiting for.
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