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Randi Gage
I love being a mom and wife and homemaker!
I love being a mom and wife and homemaker!


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Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice
You guys!! Cauliflower rice is so stinking easy I may just switch over to this instead of making real rice. This came together so quick and tasted so good. If you are looking for an alternative to rice this is it. It's weird how different you can make cauli...

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Cilantro Lime Chicken with Guac
One thing that I have learned while doing the Anti-Inflammatory diet is that chicken becomes your new best friend and your worst enemy. What's for dinner? Chicken. What did you eat for lunch? Chicken. What are you making for breakfast? Probably chicken.  Bu...

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Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies
I know it has been ages since I have posted anything, and I also know that I have started pretty much every post this way for the past year or so. I feel like my life has become so busy with me going back to college and having a child in school now that eve...

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Ranch Chicken and Veggies
I am all for easy meals. This recipe is beyond yummy and has all your side dishes cooked along with the meat on one pan. You can't get much easier then that. Lately I have been loving the "one pan" and "one pot" meals. Less dishes to wash after, and you get...

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Mashed Cauliflower
I have seen mashed cauliflower pop up all over pinterest lately and have been putting it off to try because it sounded a little bit to weird to me. How can cauliflower taste like a mashed potato....yep that is the question ladies and gents but I will tell y...

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Garlic Baked Salmon
This past year I decided to buy 20 pounds of Alaskan Salmon from Zaycon foods. First off, it's amazing. Second, since I bought so much salmon and wanted to eat it almost every week I have had to find some new ways of cooking it. This ladies and gents has be...

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Almond Flour Pancakes
Usually I am a gluten lover. I LOVES ME SOME GLUTEN! But I have been trying to cut back a little bit and try out some different recipes that still taste good. This recipe is great. It is made with almond flour, which I love and is also dairy free, soy free,...

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Bahn Mi Rice Bowls
A while back on Netflix they had the Great Food Truck Race so I binge watched it of course and was hungry all the time. One of the food trucks that sparked my interested was a Bahn Mi Sandwich truck. I had no idea what these things were but every time they ...

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Glazed Ham
I probably should have posted this recipe before Easter but for some reason I thought I had posted about it years ago. Hopefully some of you bought hams on clearance and will now be able to use this recipe next time. I love ham. We have a small family but I...

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Simple Thai Chicken
Guys. This chicken recipe is AWESOME! The thighs come out super moist (yes I said moist and I know many of you cringed at that), it's super flavorful, and the best part is its super easy! I had all the ingredients right in my fridge so that was an added bon...
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