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" Google, less than a fifth of the engineers are women. That’s a typical figure. Twenty percent of software developers are women, according to the Labor Department, and fewer than 6 percent of engineers are black or Hispanic. Comparatively, 56 percent of people in business and financial-operations jobs are women, as are 36 percent of physicians and surgeons and one-third of lawyers."
Crude apps, patronizing behavior. For some, “bro” culture offers one explanation for why there are so few women in tech.
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+Mark Barrus True now, but not 10 years ago.  When my wife went to grad school to get a degree in human-computer-interaction she was often the only woman in many of her classes.  Now that she is working in the industry, she is often the only woman in the meeting.
My point is that while I agree that we need about 50% women applying for STEM jobs, that can really only happen 4-6 years after we hit 50% applying for STEM grad-school, which happens 4-6 years after we hit 50% for collage, which is 4-6 years after the high-school programming and physics clubs hit 50%
I'm not saying that we should push.  Just saying that it is a long game.  Really, the biggest impact we could probably make would be to ban the color pink from toy stores, and then wait 20 years ; )
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As my Google+ bragging rights show, I'm a diehard This American Life fan. In the expert words of the late, great David Rakoff taken out of context, I have an "official and deep talent crush" on Ira Glass. Yesterday, I got to see him in this amazing show ( and today, I got to meet him at Google.  

Yes, maybe it sounds a little odd that my career idol is a radio host. But hey, it's the truth. I admire his work enormously and hope that in my lifetime, I positively impact people the way he does.  

#dreamcometrue   #bestdayever  
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sounds awesome Jess!
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Thoroughly enjoyed getting to connect in-person with our amazing Search TCs at the TCSummit.  Great recap +Sarah Claxton Deming!

Last week we held our second Top Contributors Summit here in Mountain View. It was our chance to say thank you to the several hundred people who volunteer their time and expertise to help users all around the world in our official help forums.
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So many good things announced for Google Search today!

#googlesearch   #google15  
Today’s improvements to #GoogleSearch include a more streamlined experience on mobile and tablet; improvements to the Knowledge Graph so you can filter and do comparisons for complex questions; better answers for songs and staying on top of your day by setting reminders across your devices. We’ve also previewed the new Google Search App for iOS, with Google Now notifications and the ability to say “OK Google” to speak your question hands-free. Learn more about the changes on the Inside Search blog:

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Voice Search does a heck of a lot more than you may suspect!  Some of the best are highlighted here.  :)

Impressive stuff 
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Only the beginning too
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Jessica Schwartz

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A great article on the importance of supporting women in tech!
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Enjoy these  #GoogleSearch  tips, just in time for the holidays!

My favorite: on the Google Search App, tap the microphone and say [let's go caroling].  You'll see a list of carols and when you tap one, you'll see lyrics to sing along to karaoke-style.

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Hola Jessica soy una una persona k necesito k me apadrine un bebe el tiene 2 añitos.. El se llama Brian jaziel bustillo mi mombre es ana quintana mi numero d cel. Es 99040788
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In honor of  #AdaLovelaceDay
Proud to be an alum of a women's college that has always championed women in STEM and is currently in the top 10 among all colleges and universities in terms of the percentage of female graduates pursuing doctorates in the STEM fields.  

#womentechmakers   #brynmawrcollege  

Image credit: “Computer Demonstration, Bryn Mawr and IBM,” The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education, accessed October 15, 2013,
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+Jessica Schwartz You rock! Thanks for your contribution today!
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It's Top Contributor Summit Eve!  

Just like awesome things arrive with on other notable eves (like a new year or Santa), +Nealeigh Mitchell and I are pumped to have our first shindig with the Search Top Contributors:
+Matt Storms +Thomas P. +Dave LeQuolle +Sir Shifu +Sasch Mayer +Archie Watt +Michalis Aspradakis 

Learn more about this year's Top Contributor Summit here: These folks are rockstars in the Search forum ( and it's going to be great seeing them in-person!
#tcsummit2013   #googlesearch  
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Unfortunately you are only a top contributor to your own pages +Sauber F1 Team and not to Google's Help Forums :)

Hence why I'm not invited either. But as all the top volunteers are having a party, I thought F1 would always be a good topic.

Would love to see your session results appearing in my Google Now stream.
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Whenever I show Google Voice Search to friends and family, their minds are blown. Yes, Google Search is getting better at understanding what you want and giving you exactly what you need!

Like LaVar Burton said on Reading Rainbow, "But you don't have to take my word for it."  

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