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Heyho! So here I am again and this post is about my story in doing my 4th mission for my Human Computer Interaction Class. The 4th mission is making a calculator where the input come from keypad and the output has to be displayed on LCD. I hate keypad and L...

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Another Story of II3231
I think so hard to find suitable words to start this post yet I find nothing. So, hello again! It is my 6th week being in 6th semester of college. Bunch of tasks has already hit me. This project is one of them sob. This third project has higher difficulty...

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I would like to start this post with I never like 7-segment. Never once in my life (maybe in future) . For those who do not know what 7-segment is, it is a component  that is needed on my second project. The lecturer ask us to make this 7-segment able to sh...

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Blinking (First Project of My Human-Computer Interaction Course)
This post is dedicated for one of my course in college, Human-Computer Interaction (II3231 --code for the course). Let me introduce myself as a student of Information System and Technology, Eka Theresia Kartika Suri, 18214012  (my student number). Starting ...

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Let Me Wear Your Shoes, May I?
It is not everyday you have chance to see your campus from different perspective like "Oh, so it looks this beautiful". Perhaps it happens in your free-day-but-you-still-have-to-come-to-campus-to-do-non-academic-things and at that time your brain does not h...

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First Christmas in 2015
 Can't believe that 2015 flies so fast. And yesterday I just celebrated my very first Christmas. I was quite late (around half to one hour I guess) just because overslept. If you notice lot of wrong grammar in this post, I'm sorry. I'm lack of grammar indee...

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Second Year
It's the warmest hello again from the second year university student that promised she would blog more but end up making a new post after 3 month passed. Second year is....something. I mean, well I'm getting busier indeed. But as I promised I want to be mat...

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So let me introduce you to my little brother. He's the photographer behind almost all of the photos in this blog. He ever asked me whether I ever mention his name on my blog. To appreciate his hard work for these years, I decided to make this post. No, kidd...

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Junior High School
Let me tell you a little about my junior high school. I don't really like my junior high school. I was bullied by some girls and of course it left me such a traumatic. I was being in this, that and there class. I was in different class each year during my t...
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