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{eco-ethical art yarns}
{eco-ethical art yarns}

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 Teeny tiny shop update this week. Just a pair of gloves. Also, this is officially the last blog post before I switch to Woad Spindle . There's technically a new site, but it's more website than a blog. I've decided that I'd rather do a few weekly posts fro...

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Years ago, when majoring in photography was a thing, I realized I had slipped into this space where I had no idea what season it was. I lived in Denver at the time and it's not like the climate is mild there, but somehow I consistently lost track of whether...

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         I just finished unraveling this sweater I found a few weeks ago. Cream colored, handknit silk/cotton/linen blend. I wasn't going to buy anything that day but when I found it, I kind of had to. It was knit with a double strand of yarn and had cables...

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     The ratio has officially flipped. These last few batches of handspun contain a higher percentage of naturally dyed than synthetics. Something like 70/30 or even 80/20. Its been a goal of mine for while now and this summer, in between some heavy thinkin...

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I took a weekend off last week, heading over to the western side of the state to gather dyestuffs and write. NaNoWriMo is a few months away and I came so close to finishing last year that I want to give it another, more planned out, try. I have a few new id...

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I've been turning a bit inward lately. Spending less time in the studio and more thinking about projects I've shelved, playing Catan with the kids and listening to lots of music. I'm still producing, just at a reduced pace. I think it has a lot to do with t...

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expect change
  I'm getting ducks in rows in preparation for a big reveal. Blogging, for me, has increasingly been about the visual. Words sometimes fail me but articulating what I'm up to with pictures feels more intuitive and direct. With that in mind I've been hunting...

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respect the cycle
 I've been thinking a lot lately about the cyclic nature of my process. I can get frozen trying to start my day because there are so many tasks between fleece and finished object to choose from. Clarifying the steps, right down to dorky diagramming has help...

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high summer, deep shade
My focus has been on the dye pots lately. There is so much to gather, so many things are peaking, flowering, on the verge of fading. My goal is to have a studio full of plant dyed fiber that I'll mix up into yarn during the fall and winter. It's not just dy...

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emPHAsis on the art
I hate making up words to describe myself and what I do. For the longest time I didn't consider myself an artist, maybe a writer, but not an artist. There was no future in that. So I've gotten good at circling around, coating it with practical applications ...
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